Reviews for The Heat by Queen Taisho

Slayersgurl35 (Chapter 3) - Tue 05 Mar 2019

Think you could tag this as vore

Deana (Chapter 3) - Tue 12 Feb 2019

Interesting story! Can't wait for next update.

Ryo chan (Chapter 3) - Tue 12 Feb 2019

Lol poor thing shes having the worse lucm in the world, I wonder if she'll be rescued or be a little spunky with this new monster thing hmmm 

LibraCourt (Chapter 3) - Mon 11 Feb 2019

Went from chapters to drabble story within 3 chapters. Sorry don’t care for a chapter stories with just a paragraph, find them highly annoying, so I’m out from reading this.

Ryo chan (Chapter 1) - Mon 11 Feb 2019

This is awesome the creative writing on the surrounding made me feel like i was in the mouth I really hope you continue 

Myella (Chapter 2) - Wed 13 Jun 2018

Hope you continue this story. I've enjoyed what you have so far. :D 

LoveAndFaith (Chapter 2) - Wed 31 Jan 2018

This story sounds interesting, please update the next chapter quickly! Happy New Year!

NovemberDoll (Chapter 2) - Sat 02 Dec 2017

Oh my gosh... so visual you got my skin crawling in the first chapter, haha! waiting for your next update. Don't leave us stuck in that slimy cave for too long! :)

Ryo chan (Chapter 1) - Thu 23 Nov 2017

Very interesting, is she in a stomach?? Can't wait to see what happens next 

princess of the western lands (Chapter 1) - Wed 22 Nov 2017

A very good start and it certainly keeps me wondering how in the world kagome got so lost in the first place. Looking forward to tomorrow.


Update soon onegai


Ja ne

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