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DivaG (Chapter 7) - Mon 01 Jan 2018

Hey, happy new year. It was interesting to know that Sesshoumaru suffered abuse himself. This explains why he was worried about Kagome’s well being in the first place and decided to follow their group to try to prevent his brother’s aggression against her from getting out of control. Great chapter.

Jean (Chapter 7) - Mon 01 Jan 2018

Great chapter, thanks for the update. Happy New Year????

Katrina Kee (Chapter 7) - Mon 01 Jan 2018

So a great Secret has been revealed to all. Sesshomaru suffered brutal beatings at the hands of his parents when he disobeyed. Beatings that were so horrible that he still bears scars on his body to this day. How sad. I hope that Kagome doesn’t have to take that awful medicine for the rest of her life or that she suffers scars either. I think the emotional trauma she has endured at Inuyasha’s hands is quite enough. I cannot wait to see how Sesshomaru and Kagome’s relationship develops over the course of this story. I think that her slow recovery, both mentally and physically, will help Kags see that her relationship with Inuyasha is not normal but unhealthy and that she needs to get away from one such as he. I am sure that this recovery will help Kags to get stronger, as well as to help repay some of the kindness Sesshomaru has shown by helping him with estate matters. Now that should prove to be a wonderful distraction!!!

Natalia (Chapter 7) - Mon 01 Jan 2018

I don't like his mom! Lol Kagome doesn't have luck with mother in law. I am sad for both Sesshomaru and Kagome for similar reasons. They were both hurt by people who should protect them! 

Amazing chapter with lots of info! Thx for updating! 

roberta. (Chapter 7) - Mon 01 Jan 2018

Happy new years thanks for the update

LaDonna (Chapter 7) - Mon 01 Jan 2018

Happy new year! And thanks for the new update tonight.

xoMIA ;) (Chapter 7) - Mon 01 Jan 2018

Wow, very powerful chapter, and I really loved the hide and seek scene. Happy New Year!!

LaDonna (Chapter 6) - Fri 29 Dec 2017

Wow just wow! Can modern medicine help her??

Sessygurl (Chapter 6) - Fri 29 Dec 2017

Wow just wow. I could not believe it. Love me some Kouga though. Not as much as Sesshoumaru. I cannot wait to see where this goes. I mean when Kagome wakes up she will be devastated. Why did she yell sit again?

DivaG (Chapter 6) - Fri 29 Dec 2017

Poor Kagome. But what happened showed her that Inuyasha has no discernmentl. He is dangerous to all around him and could kill her at any moment in a blink of an eye. Now she will have to gauge whether the love she feels for him is worth the risk of her life.

xoMIA ;) (Chapter 6) - Fri 29 Dec 2017

Sorry for the misspelled words, my autocorrect does the weirdest things. 

xoMIA ;) (Chapter 6) - Fri 29 Dec 2017

Oh what ab interesting turn. Excited for more!!!

Nicole (Chapter 6) - Fri 29 Dec 2017

Oh. I could see the build up to an attack in tbe previous chapters, but was still not expecting this.

I'm glad Kagome finally stood up for herself before it happened. Hopefully if won't be easy for her to make excuses for his behaviour during ber recovery. I wouldn't have predicted a lingering poison as a way of keeping Kagome and Sesshomaru together, either.

Natalia (Chapter 6) - Fri 29 Dec 2017

Poor kagome!  I knew she would be the one to get hurt! 

I am so glad sesshoumaru decided to help her! 

Thx for updating! 

waterwomen1414 (Chapter 5) - Thu 28 Dec 2017

oh dear now there is trouble! I look forward to the next chapter. I hope you update soon

FayeMegan (Chapter 5) - Wed 27 Dec 2017

I reeeaalllyy like this story! I think everyone is perfectly in character and am loving the plot. Please update soon, definitley favoriting this one.

Sessygurl (Chapter 5) - Wed 27 Dec 2017

Oh my... I can't wait to see what happens next. Plus you know Kouga can smell the nasty on Inuyasha. Something is about to go down. Where is the Lord of the West? Thanks for the update.

SammyJams (Chapter 5) - Wed 27 Dec 2017

Hot damn! Another great chapter! Can’t wait to see what happens!

DivaG (Chapter 5) - Wed 27 Dec 2017

Behavior typical of abusers: treats the partner as possession. I hope that Kagome sees reason as soon as possible. Can't Kouga smell what Inuyasha was doing with Kikyou? Great story.

Mia (Chapter 5) - Wed 27 Dec 2017

Watch all you like you hypocritical jerk. Inu Yasha needs a sound spanking as if he were a misbehaving 5 year old demon. Respect isn't in his vocabulary.

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