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Shelaughed (Chapter 1) - Wed 10 Jan 2018

This is interesting.  I'm looking forward to find out what happens next.


Deb (Chapter 9) - Tue 09 Jan 2018

Super awesome story!!! I just binge-read all of this and I'm quite pleased with it but that cliffhanger is a killer! I'll await your next chapter~

Sessygurl (Chapter 9) - Sun 07 Jan 2018

This is just getting better and better! I do wonder about Inuyasha though. Will he claw Kikyou like that?

Nicole (Chapter 9) - Sun 07 Jan 2018

Well. That is an unexpected turn of events. I'm sure Katsu's story will be even more so.

Kagome's spiralling thoughts are interesting. And sad. It is all too easy to fall into that pattern of thinking.

Is Sesshomaru going to set up his collector to take a dive by passing on bad supplies...?

Nicole (Chapter 8) - Sun 07 Jan 2018

Sesshomaru asks some interesting and insightful questions.

Yikes! Inuyasha is in a bad way. I don't think I've encountered this scenario before in a story.

Jennifer Gillette (Chapter 9) - Sun 07 Jan 2018

Cool turn of events.  I like your General creation.  He seems like a well balanced mixture of teasing and seriousness.  The exchange with Rin is a bit telling of his true feelings about humans.  Interesting that he was mated to one.  Looking forward to the story behind that little addition.


Sesshoumaru'sPriestess (Chapter 9) - Sun 07 Jan 2018

This fic just keeps getting better and better. This chapter had me at the cliffhanger you left us with...update soon!!

Jean (Chapter 9) - Sun 07 Jan 2018

Great chapter!! Poor Shippo is so worried about Kagome. Hope they find someway to help Kags soon. Looking for word to hear about the general's mate.

Nilee1 (Chapter 9) - Sun 07 Jan 2018

This just gets better and better!

Jennifer Gillette (Chapter 4) - Sun 07 Jan 2018

I like the explanation you offered for the lack of telling scent for the spring. 

I greatly enjoy your depiction of Miroku.  Thoughtful and caring with a touch of underhandedness.  Fitting for him to blackmail with the information he had on Inuyasha.  Got him what he wanted smoothly.  At least for a bit.

I look forward to the Koga-Inuyasha confrontation.  Hopefully no one ends up dead.

Thank you for sharing!

xoMIA ;) (Chapter 9) - Sun 07 Jan 2018

Awe poor Katsu :'(

FayeMegan (Chapter 9) - Sun 07 Jan 2018

oops sorry my last review was supposed to be for chapter 9 >.<

FayeMegan (Chapter 1) - Sun 07 Jan 2018

Oh boy, not looking good! Please update soon!

sesshykagslvr (Chapter 9) - Sun 07 Jan 2018

Oh my! This is getting even better! On a side note, I hope Inuyasha suffers before death.

Natalia (Chapter 9) - Sun 07 Jan 2018

Ah so much new information and also so many questions! I knew Kagome felt guilty. Someone has to explain  to her it is not her fault! Hope Sesshomaru will do it. I so much liked the flow of the chapter. Also the new character seems interesting and nice.

Thx for updating such amazing chapter! 

xoMIA ;) (Chapter 8) - Fri 05 Jan 2018

Uh oh. Thanks for the update!

waterwomen1414 (Chapter 8) - Fri 05 Jan 2018

That's a scary combination, I look forward to seeing what happens next.

Natalia (Chapter 8) - Fri 05 Jan 2018

What an exciting chapter! I loved everything. I hope Kagome won't scar or at least the ones on her face.

I knew miroku would have a difficult time. 

And finally very dramatic scene was witnessed by myoga. Inuyasha is lost... 

Thx for updating! Amazing chapter! 

Nicole (Chapter 7) - Mon 01 Jan 2018

Oh. Poor Sesshomaru.

The entife scene of Rin and Shippo playing hide and seek is too wonderful! Adorable! Kawaii! And a nice lighter-hearted break in the midst of all the other action.

Thanks for the new chapter and Happy New Year!

waterwomen1414 (Chapter 7) - Mon 01 Jan 2018

Wow amazing, I love how much forethought your introducing into this story and the character development is awesome too. I can't wait for the next update.

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