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Natalia (Chapter 15) - Wed 07 Feb 2018

First of all I am so happy you updated.

Second I am so proud of sesshoumaru, he is a good parental figure. Miroku is right though, kagome is not ready for romance ???? but the idea is already born in sesshoumaru's mind.

Kagome yet doesn't perceive him as an love interest I respect that you  don't rush it, compliments! But I fear this is the peace before the storm. Myoga is coming.

Thx a lot for updating, I love this fic.

waterwomen1414 (Chapter 15) - Wed 07 Feb 2018

I am so wondering if Kagome will reveal more of her self and how Sesshomaru might get advice on how to help her lol. 

Jean (Chapter 14) - Fri 02 Feb 2018

Wonderful story, I love your writing! The characters have so much depth I feel like I am going through what they are. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Mia (Chapter 14) - Thu 01 Feb 2018

It is my theory that part of the reason that he was so "weak" to the poison, other than his heart being scratched, was his mother's failings as a mother. Most mothers, especially pack animals, are very attentive and protective. She's such an overbearing conniving bitch, and I mean that in the bad way...not inu, she failed her son. By this I mean the most basic of bonding for a mother and pup, the most basic protection, the most basic necessity of life - nourishment. Breast feeding an infant helps on so many levels! For an inuyoukai it would be even more of a bonding experience and help the pup to grow stronger. Through breast milk the pup is given antibodies and nourishment necessary to survive. Their enhanced bodies and sense of smell.... It is my belief, in a line of inu where poison is prevalent, nature would find a way to prevent any accidental prick of skin from killing a pup. By denying her son his basic needs as an infant, he did not gain the antibodies necessary to fight off her poisons. She essentially stunted his growth. In spite of that, he overcame so much, developed and grew on his own, and is now the most powerful. Did you know breast milk can even change based on if an infant is sick? The mothers body can tell from the transfer of saliva what the little one needs and then starts to produce based off that. She was the weakness all along. She was the problem all along. Other than being younger than his cousin, all imagined short comings were because he didn't have the "edge" afforded all other infants. But I digress, feudal era science hasn't come that far yet. Kagome would know though. She's bound to even have biology textbooks and maybe had some lessons on anatomy. I hope Kagome does connect these dots and truth bombs the hell out of that psycho harpy.

candace peaches (Chapter 14) - Thu 01 Feb 2018

i am LOVING  this story. i hope this review finds you well. i deal with depression from time to time too. i hope you deal with yours better than i do mine. i eat when i'm like that and it doesn't help my health one bit. being an emotional eater coinsides with my depression so i have to find ways not to get too depressed. that's why i like reading your stories. they make me feel good. even better if there's a lemon or few in them. i think you will do fine and keep on wriitng b/c i think it's an out let for you to feel better about RL. keep up the great writing and c'ya'.

FayeMegan (Chapter 14) - Thu 01 Feb 2018

Great update, almost had me tearing up!

Shelaughed (Chapter 14) - Wed 31 Jan 2018

Thank you much for updating.  I'm always happy to see good fanfiction continue.  It helps me to purge needless garbage from my poor brain.

RebaJean (Chapter 14) - Wed 31 Jan 2018

Great story so far. Looking forward to reading more.

Miss C (Chapter 14) - Wed 31 Jan 2018

DAmn this chapter was so good!!

Deb (Chapter 14) - Wed 31 Jan 2018

Very nice! I really enjoyed this chapter. Super awesome please continue when you feel ready! <3

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 1) - Wed 31 Jan 2018

Ah, this chapter was a little intense.  It made me teary-eyed because I had a friend that was abused as a child by her mother and step-father.

We were kids and not able to do anything about it back in those days and later she had so many problems...she died in her mid-twenties.

I felt what Kagome felt for Sessho.

His mother really needs to die and soon...she is a monster with no redeeming qualities that I can see.

Hmm...Kagome should accidently purify her to hell. That way she won't be around when her and Sessho have their pups.  

Am I jumping the gun here? :)

Outstanding chapter and excellently written.  Looking forward to more future chapters.

I just love this story. Thank you for sharing it.

Hope you are feeling much better from your illness.



waterwomen1414 (Chapter 14) - Wed 31 Jan 2018

Ohh my gosh so cute!!!!!!! This chapter has revealed alot thank you and I'm betting she will regret calling him weak in the end. Lol I can't wait for your next update.

Nicole (Chapter 14) - Tue 30 Jan 2018

Ah, so Sesshomaru's mother really is the cause of all his problems ;p

Natalia (Chapter 14) - Tue 30 Jan 2018

I absolutely love this! everything was perfect and I felt so sad for them both.... this will bring a new closeness to them.

and the last scene melted my heart!

a very big thank you for updating!

SammyJams (Chapter 14) - Tue 30 Jan 2018

Oh snap! Now Sessh just needs to realize his feelings!

SammyJams (Chapter 12) - Sun 28 Jan 2018

Never ever apologize for anxiety and depression - know that there are people that care and want to help. Rest. Relax. Regroup. Rebuild. 

Deb (Chapter 13) - Fri 26 Jan 2018

Very nicely done! I'm glad to see Kagome getting back on her feet.... but his mom is gonna be a hard variable to handle for sure! Let's hope that there's something that she likes about Kagome or that sparks Kagome to prove herself and get back even more of her spirit. 


I'm glad you're feeling even just a little better. Take your time =)

Natalia (Chapter 13) - Fri 26 Jan 2018

I so much enjoyed this chapter that I didn't want the end to come. 

It's so nice to see Sesshomaru caring, the scene with the hair made me squeel like a school girl. 

And I am so happy Kagome had that dream and Sesshomaru protected her lol. 

And.... Dun dun dun. The mother is here. The witch of the west. 

I am glad you are feeling better. 

Thx very much for updating. 

Jean (Chapter 12) - Fri 26 Jan 2018

Good to see you maybe feeling a bit better.

As usual awesome chapter, had to laugh after reading what happened to Sango and Miroku. Looking forward to the drama that is about to start with Sesshomaru' s mother being at his home. 

Nicole (Chapter 13) - Thu 25 Jan 2018

I'm delighted to see you writing and feeling better!

Sango and Miroku's situation made me snort with laughter!

You caught me by surprise with the revelation that the Eastern Lord making war on Sesshomaru is actually a woman. Is it actually his mother? Or is her arrival a coincidence? (Though I'll admit to having that thought before she showed up in his study.)

I loom forward to next week's update!

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