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LibraCourt (Chapter 4) - Sat 21 Jul 2018

Need to update

Myella (Chapter 4) - Sat 02 Jun 2018

Please continue...

The beast Sesshomaru is funny as hell. Thank you for writing this. 

candy (Chapter 4) - Mon 23 Apr 2018

Please update this story 

Audumn (Chapter 2) - Mon 15 Jan 2018

Update please

Tierney (Chapter 4) - Tue 12 Dec 2017

Please please can' wait for the lemon!! Please update again soon!!

Deana (Chapter 4) - Mon 27 Nov 2017

Revised chapter was better but need a chapter. Please!

Ryo chan (Chapter 4) - Sat 25 Nov 2017

I dug it! You made my holiday! Even if it wasn't a full update I'm grateful, seemed cleaner and well written.  There was a few words misspelled but I think that's just the auto correct, can't wait for the next chapter!! (^_-)

LibraCourt (Chapter 4) - Thu 23 Nov 2017

Looking forward to reading more. Update soon. 

XxSlytherin_QueenxX (Chapter 4) - Thu 23 Nov 2017

OMG! I LOVED IT!! I can't wait for another chapter!!

Alesia (Chapter 1) - Mon 20 Nov 2017

Please add more I am loving this can not wait for the fall out 

princess of the western lands (Chapter 4) - Thu 16 Nov 2017

Very good story. I like how she's fighting against him and also how kagome has realized her powers but hasn't turned into this all powerful being. Why did the well close? Where were the tachi, because someone must have heard or felt something? Where's sesshomaru taking kagome now?

She healed him but did he get his arm back too or just heal the burns?


Update soon onegai


Ja ne

ponpiri (Chapter 4) - Thu 16 Nov 2017

The story so far reads a bit rushed. I like that you have so many chapters within a short span of time, but wouldn't mind waiting a bit longer if that means the errors will be fixed. There are free spell checkers online if you don't have access to a word processor to check your work. 

InuKami-Sama (Chapter 4) - Wed 15 Nov 2017

Moooorrrreeeeee pppplleeeaasssseee

Deana (Chapter 4) - Wed 15 Nov 2017

Awesome story! Can't wait for the next chapter

Annie (Chapter 4) - Wed 15 Nov 2017

What a chase. Sesshomaru is persistent. Kagome did right by not purifying him.

LightoftheWest (Chapter 4) - Wed 15 Nov 2017

I am really loving this story so far ! thanks for the up keep of updating. 

Ryo chan (Chapter 4) - Wed 15 Nov 2017

Your awesome!! 2 chapters in one week I'm so happy I could die, well maybe not die. I wouldnt be able to read your story if did, thank you, thank you! Love that you made kagome a fighter! Can't wait to see what's in store for them =)

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 4) - Wed 15 Nov 2017

Wow...all I wanted to say was 'go Kagome go' like a cheerleade. She did her best but slowly she will have to submit. I hope she can get a few more licks at Sessho.

I love Sessho (sometimes when he's not being a meanie) but a demon got to do what a demon got to do. Kagome will more than likely become the next Lady of the Western Lands and a mother to Sess' first heir and I hope it's a male...full blood with immunity to holy power and he should be able to control it and use it...that would be so cool.  Maybe he can be a mini Sessho or maybe they can have twin mini Sessos. He will be so proud but does he have to spoil it by raping his future mate and mother to his pups?

The chase scene was amazing and a little bit hilarious. Poor Kagome...never can catch a break. LOL

Looking forward to future updates when RL allows it. 

Cheers to another great job done!!!

Lorena (Chapter 3) - Tue 14 Nov 2017

Hell yeah!  I love Sesshomaru,  most of the time, but this assertiveness/confidence is practically flirting and I find him adorable for it! I'm curious how you will have their offspring, though. Will they be half demon half spiritual, or full blooded with holy immunities or some new twist?

cassandra (Chapter 3) - Tue 14 Nov 2017

Oh wow who knew sesshomaru was such a pervert. Admiring her butt like that!  I love your story and can't wait to see what happens next! 

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