Reviews for Highschool by PianoPlayer123

Daniella (Chapter 1) - Sun 22 Apr 2018

Great to a story, please keep!!!

princess of the western lands (Chapter 1) - Fri 22 Dec 2017

Great to a story, I hope to see more.


Update soon onegai


Ja ne

Leahchan13 (Chapter 1) - Sat 16 Dec 2017

I think this is very interesting so far! I'm very intrigued:D

Zaac (Chapter 1) - Sat 18 Nov 2017

I am so excited for thus story!

Nallely (Chapter 1) - Wed 08 Nov 2017

More more!!! I need more plase, this story have graet potential, hope you update soon. 

nicole (Chapter 1) - Tue 07 Nov 2017

Updated 10 chapter s please

Natalia (Chapter 1) - Tue 07 Nov 2017

Intriguing! The idea got me curious!

Will eagerly wait for more!

Good luck!

zodiak023 (Chapter 1) - Tue 07 Nov 2017

ohhhh I am so on the edge of my seat for where this plot may go I mean she knows narakus daughter already attends this school, will she drop out or how well will she hide her identity from her and how long will it actually be before she is found out by the taishos or narakus daughter either way I really want and need more chappies, like now

REI-Angel (Chapter 1) - Tue 07 Nov 2017

Fantastic start! Can't wait to see what happens next!


Miss C (Chapter 1) - Mon 06 Nov 2017

Great way to introduce the story...I love it!

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