Saeko (Chapter 1) - Wed 11 Oct 2017

I'm so glad you mentioned that it was your first English fanfic at the bottom of the story. I read through the first few paragraphs and had to stop because of the sentence structure. The story could be really great but you really need to edit. I would offer to beta but I have no time. Good luck!

Mona (Chapter 1) - Mon 28 Aug 2017

'Correction'  And the ward of Sesshoumaru is Rin not Lin.

Mona (Chapter 1) - Mon 28 Aug 2017

The spelling and grammar needs help.  It the ward of Sesshoumaru is Rin not Lin.  Who is Yako?

roberta. (Chapter 1) - Mon 28 Aug 2017

OK the story seems interesting. For a first time English it's not bad needs a beta to help out with a few of the issues. Keep writing it will be better. Careful with your pronouns. There is a lot of gender mistakes. Good luck looking forward to reading next chap

LibraCourt (Chapter 1) - Sun 27 Aug 2017

Plain and simple you need a beta to help you edit and clean your story. Idea is good. But it seems rushed, lack of details and grammar errors make it a little confusing to follow what's going on. 

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