Mutnodjmet (Chapter 3) - Sat 24 Jun 2017

Okay, now I am confused again. The continuity of chapters 2 and 3 seem kind of mixed up. The way this chapter reads should have been for chapter 2 and chapter 2 should be in place of chapter 3, if any of this makes sense of what I am trying to explain.

After the events of chapter one, Sessho should have been melancholic for his mate since she had not awaken yet after being revived by Tenseiga, then in chapter three is when he makes his discovery because now his mate is awake and he can devote his time to finding the mystery of Tenseiga.

Anyway nice writing and I look forward to future updates on this interesting story.

Natalia (Chapter 3) - Sat 24 Jun 2017

beautiful! I love your idea!

but the link on the snippet page wasn't working for me, so i had to access it from the front page and scroll to the chapter. i wonder why?

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 2) - Wed 14 Jun 2017

Chapter one was interesting but kind of vague, why would Sessho recognize the woman if he had never seen her before especially revealing herself as Tensaiga? The sword had never manifested itself before so obviously he would not recognize her as the sword of heaven.

In chapter two, when Kagome came into the room, he seemed so unconcerned about her...after all she had been asleep for a month; one would think he would have been excited to see her after such a long period of time, instead he was more concerned about finding out the mystery of Tensaiga. I find this interaction a bit confusing.

 Overall the story is nicely written and intriguing. Looking forward to future updates.

Moonlight Silk (Chapter 2) - Tue 13 Jun 2017

This chapter shed light in some areas of the first very mysterious chapter. Good story. Update soon. 

Moonlight Silk (Chapter 1) - Tue 13 Jun 2017

Interesting first chapter. Like where it is going.

Annie (Chapter 1) - Thu 08 Jun 2017

Wow so Tenseiga is a woman. This is quite interesting . Why was Kagome injured?  Was there a battle going on in the west.


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