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Solessia (Chapter 9) - Thu 06 Jul 2017

Wow, this is such a pretty story. I'll be sure to keep up with it, your integration of Bokusensu and referencing real plot lines is nicely done.

KShadeslady (Chapter 9) - Sun 02 Jul 2017

I know, I understood he was her first love but she deserves to be wanted as herself, not Kikyos copy. Nice chapter. Put that question in her mind. 

Ree-san (Chapter 7) - Sat 24 Jun 2017

She married him!? After everything?!

KShadeslady (Chapter 8) - Sat 24 Jun 2017 your eyes Kagome. You are breaking my heart...Well Done! 

KShadeslady (Chapter 8) - Sat 24 Jun 2017 your eyes Kagome. You are breaking my heart...Well Done! 

Valedina (Chapter 7) - Sun 18 Jun 2017

Dont worry you are doing great!!!I love shess and Kags and your story too.Im waiting for the next update!!! ^ ^

KShadeslady (Chapter 7) - Sun 18 Jun 2017

I think you are doing a great job of keeping him in character. He is honorable and makes all his words count, few though they may be. I love your drabble and I like how it is progressing. Looking forward to to more wonderful chapters. 

Valedina (Chapter 6) - Thu 08 Jun 2017

Well you shouldnt worry at all it.This chapter was amazing like all the rest.

Thank you so much.Im waiting for the next chapter!!♥♥♥

Nilee1 (Chapter 6) - Wed 07 Jun 2017


KShadeslady (Chapter 6) - Wed 07 Jun 2017

Hauntingly Beautiful. I look forward to your updates for this lovely drabble. 

Kairou Watoshimi (Chapter 5) - Tue 30 May 2017

Oooh, poor Kagome. My heart goes out to you. No worries though, Sesshomaru will do his best to cheer you up <3 <3 <3

//crosses fingers - Don't disappoint me, Sesshomaru! XXDDD

Kagaku-sha (Chapter 1) - Sat 27 May 2017

Kool beans! :)

KShadeslady (Chapter 5) - Thu 25 May 2017

Oh my...le sigh...that was beautiful. You are breaking my heart. Such a lovely chapter. Thank you so much. 

KShadeslady (Chapter 4) - Tue 23 May 2017

Love the old tree! Your award is well deserved. 

Serinasu InuMiko (Chapter 1) - Tue 23 May 2017

That's so romantic! Why can't men really do this?  The mystery of makes it that much better.

Leahchan13 (Chapter 4) - Mon 22 May 2017

I wonder what Kags will say~ :D I'm loving this! Thank You~!

KShadeslady (Chapter 3) - Wed 17 May 2017

Another beautiful exquisite chapter. My heart is breaking. I'm a sucker for these. Cheers!

Valedina (Chapter 1) - Mon 15 May 2017

Ohhh......That was so beautiful good job you are very good and i cant wait for the next update.♥

PS:you know 4 languages......damn!!:)

genesis (Chapter 2) - Thu 11 May 2017

It was a very captivating moment~

Thank you so much for this story I look forward to reading more :D

Inuaddict (Chapter 2) - Thu 11 May 2017

You write BEAUTIFULLY. If you had not mentioned it,I would never have known that English was not your first language. I am excited to see more. 

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