Reviews for Tick Tock by Tsuki no Tennyo

Loveyaa (Chapter 1) - Wed 07 Mar 2018

Well gosh. Did not see the end of that coming. Talk about making the most of the time you have. Really enjoyed your story :)

Val (Chapter 1) - Mon 01 May 2017

Omgggg im going to kill you, i fucking cried.....aghhhhhh......

Kagome Yuki Niwa (Chapter 1) - Tue 25 Apr 2017

Why is this so beautiful? it put me in a melancholy mood. I'm going to have to write now because of this!!! Gosh, you're an amazing writer! I can't believe I aven't read your fics! Truly, amazing work!!!!

infidel (Chapter 1) - Tue 25 Apr 2017

Oh my God.  Sob!  Very well done, though.

roberta. (Chapter 1) - Mon 24 Apr 2017

That was really good

Miss C (Chapter 1) - Mon 24 Apr 2017

Sorry to say..he missed his chance.

Tisha (Chapter 1) - Mon 24 Apr 2017

Wow, this was a great story. It gives the truth about what happens in life when you hold back in life and do not go for what is right in front of you, but are to scared to take it until it is too late.  Well penned.

Che (Chapter 1) - Sun 23 Apr 2017

oh the feels I can't! So well written and heart wrenching 

MagicTuchi (Chapter 1) - Sun 23 Apr 2017

My heart????

Annie (Chapter 1) - Sun 23 Apr 2017

Oh what a sad story. I  feel so sorry for Sesshomaru. I wished that they could have mated and lived happy.

Mimiru (Chapter 1) - Sun 23 Apr 2017

How could youu DD: you made me cry!!

it was a wonderful one shot all though out my tears :3

Kit Sune (Chapter 1) - Sun 23 Apr 2017
Oh f... ! I've been religiously reading every single fic you've posted, but this... This. This is sad, mean, cruel, tear maker and I Love IT!! <3 <3 Sessh was such a fool, and 'Gome too! But that's why it felt so real ~ and that end *-* superb, absolutely perfect. Please feel free to keep making fics like this! I'll masochistically And happilly read every single thing that come across that mind of yours.

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