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Kagaku-sha (Chapter 1) - Wed 07 Jun 2017

Hey, if you happened to come to the reviews to see what's happening with this story... according to samantha, you can find it on adultfanfiction:Koshitsu no Sokushitsu *Imperial Concubine* -:- By : Joo777-.

Kagaku-sha (Chapter 15) - Fri 26 May 2017

HI! I see you said you were moving the fic but I couldn't find it on Adult fanfiction. Where are you moving it to? Have you moved it?inu

Pyreite (Chapter 1) - Mon 01 May 2017

Not bad, it is interesting but the lack of proper punctuation makes things a bit of an eyesore.  Apostrophe's are neccessary when using contractions and possessives, like 'I'll for I will' or 'Kagome's for something that belongs to her specifically'.  The lack of apostrophes in the proper place happens throughout chapter 1.  I couldn't read beyond the first few paragraphs without noticing the lack through repetitive sentences.  Some words are misused too.  Lite for example means less calories in things like beer, or something that is lightweight.  Lit or light or alight refer to something being lit on fire like a candle.

I can only suggest editing or beta-reading to help improve the story's readibility.

It is a good idea, I was intrigued when I first started reading, but the errors were too consistent.  I was constantly distracted trying to mentally fix what I was reading.  Good start, but it needs polishing.



Blommie8 (Chapter 15) - Sun 30 Apr 2017

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 15) - Fri 28 Apr 2017

Good chapter and was pleasantly pleased with the extra update. Thank you for that.

I think the white floer or lotus blossom represents Kagome and the red lotus represented Izoyia (sp).

Looking foward to more great chapters. Great writing work!

Jennn (Chapter 15) - Thu 27 Apr 2017

Ah can you update just one more time so we can see what happens in the study ;) I was so excited when I saw this update!! Can't wait for the next chapter!

KShadeslady (Chapter 15) - Wed 26 Apr 2017

Very nice update. Since he doesn't have to walk in those ridiculous shoes, he has no idea how difficult it is. Now just an observance. Are you using a beta? There are so many grammar, punctuation and misused word errors in these last two chapters that it was difficult to read without mentally making corrections. Your history research is wonderful but you really need to more carefully edit your story. You have a wonderful,  intricately woven story and I love it. Proper editing will only make it more polished.  Thanks so much for updating so soon. 

Sessygurl (Chapter 15) - Wed 26 Apr 2017

Kagome would be the pink I think for the rebirth and purity. I cannot wait to see what happens next. 

Leticia (Chapter 14) - Wed 26 Apr 2017

Yay!! She'll have a friend now looking good forward to the next chapter 

Blommie8 (Chapter 14) - Wed 26 Apr 2017

KShadeslady (Chapter 14) - Tue 25 Apr 2017

Very nice to see an update on this story. The story is moving along nicely. Looking forward to their first meeting. 

SesshyGome (Chapter 14) - Tue 25 Apr 2017

The anticipation of love is killing me! Loved this chapter though!

Kagaku-sha (Chapter 12) - Sat 22 Apr 2017

I couldn't stop myself from laughing out loud when Touga caught her! I was embarrassed fro her! Oh MY! I'm loving it! Extremely dissappointed that I only have one more chapter to read before I have to wait anxiously for the next!

Toni (Chapter 13) - Sat 01 Apr 2017

I think this is a great story  the interactions between the characters is interesting  can't wait for more chapters  

KShadeslady (Chapter 13) - Sat 01 Apr 2017

i can understand her shock, but really...did she suppose a concubine would be exclusive? Yes, she is young. Very nice update. I loved all the mental imagery here. Thanks for a lovely long chapter. Looking forward to that coming meeting. 

Sessygurl (Chapter 13) - Fri 31 Mar 2017

I cannot wait to see Sesshoumarus reaction. He obviously wants to tame her, to shut her up but he  also has his pride. Did Sesshoumaru shar Izayoi? Probably unlikely, since she was a human. As far as Kimiko is concerned I think she might have been jealous for the fact she did not get to choose Izayoi for Toga? Does she get a harem too?

Jennn (Chapter 13) - Fri 31 Mar 2017

Ah I love it! Cant wait until your next update! I'm really wondering how this could ever turn out truly beneficial for Kagome. She may fall in love with Sess, but he has to have an heir with a different woman.... hmmmm

Philosophy Blue (Chapter 1) - Fri 31 Mar 2017

Remember, apostrophes aren't optional. I think you'll find that more people will read and review this if the first few lines of just the pre-chapter had proper punctuation. Nice idea. Keep writing.

SesshyGome (Chapter 13) - Fri 31 Mar 2017

So glad you decided to update! Great chapter, waiting for some fluffff

KShadeslady (Chapter 12) - Wed 15 Mar 2017

Very nice chapter and just the right amount of spice. Don't apologise for not writing lemons every chapter. I prefer the buildup and maybe just a bit of heat. That was quite sensual. 

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