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KShadeslady (Chapter 12) - Wed 15 Mar 2017

Very nice chapter and just the right amount of spice. Don't apologise for not writing lemons every chapter. I prefer the buildup and maybe just a bit of heat. That was quite sensual. 

(Chapter 1) - Mon 06 Mar 2017

Thank you so much DarkR0ze  for your review I have currently finished editing the story. I have refined the chapters individually I did find that they were lacking in description. This is my first story so as I re read the chapters I make changes it is not the final product. My updates hence forth would not be as frequent Ive decided to dedicate the time to proof read and create more intricate sceneres.

I am not able to message everyone that had read my story individually so I hope that this response here will be seen

I will advise everyone that had read the story thus far to re read the chapters as they have been updated as of today. Longer paragraphs were added and more details it should dimish any confusion or further queries. Thank you all

- Samantha

DarkR0ze (Chapter 11) - Sat 04 Mar 2017

To make corrections, read from the last sentence to the first. Watch out for the use of qoutation marks, and spellings.

Let the characters' personality take over, if you 'hear' your characters wanting to do or say something then make some leeway for them to happen.

Kagome is good with both the emperor and prince.  

DarkR0ze (Chapter 11) - Sat 04 Mar 2017

demon13o (Chapter 11) - Thu 02 Mar 2017

This is a rather nice read, although short chapters, but entertaining altogether. I'll wait paitently for another chapter. c:

KShadeslady (Chapter 11) - Wed 01 Mar 2017

More revelations and intrigues. Nice chapter. Question...You use the word jaden. Is there a difference between jade and jaden? Just curious. Cheers!

Violla (Chapter 10) - Wed 01 Mar 2017

Ogni capitolo diventa piu interessante, e mi piace tantissimo come le cose vanno fra Kagome e Toga .Perché solo Sessomaru deve andare con tutte  anche Kagome si può divertire.

Aya (Chapter 10) - Tue 28 Feb 2017

Okay....soooo~ If Touga might get Kagome and maybe Sesshomaru....or just Touga. I just want to say I have no objection to this. Btw, keep up the good work. I hope you continue to update.

Jennn (Chapter 10) - Tue 28 Feb 2017

Ah, I wish these chapters were longer! I like where this is going. Thank you for updating so quickly!! This sory is wonderful!

KShadeslady (Chapter 10) - Tue 28 Feb 2017

Very nice chapter. Lots of secrets going on her. That place is a hive of activity. Yeah, I'm thinking Kimiko had much to do with Izayoi's death. Watch out Kikyo.

stephanie (Chapter 10) - Mon 27 Feb 2017

Loving your updates. Hmmm, She can repay him with food she cooked, she can show off her sword/arrow/hrseback riding skils if she has any. Singing, painting ect.

Sessygurl (Chapter 10) - Mon 27 Feb 2017

I loved every moment of that one. Poor Sesshoumaru trying to get out his frustration. I wonder what he will think when Kagome rejects him. However, then again lets see how long he can hold out to his beast. I loved Touga's character too.

SesshyGome (Chapter 10) - Mon 27 Feb 2017

I am loving where this story is going. I already have a feeling I will be looking forward to each update! You still have some minor grammatical errors but that's okay! Please update soon!

Leticia (Chapter 10) - Mon 27 Feb 2017

How cute I'm loving this story. Hope to read more in the future keep up the great work 

Zexiona (Chapter 1) - Mon 27 Feb 2017

I was reading through each chapter, I could not bring myself to stop. It is so thrilling and exciting! Although I would never want to be in the harem situation. Brutal... Thank you so much for the educational tidbits as well. I went to click the next button as I had not realized I aleady reached chapter 10. I am excited for the next chapter! I need more arms and hands for the amount of thumbs up I give you.

KShadeslady (Chapter 9) - Mon 27 Feb 2017

Really nice update. Thank you. Harem politics were brutal. Read The Twentieth Wife and A Feast of Roses by Indu Sundaresan. It's about the harem intrigues and the life of one of the most powerful women of Mughal Empire during the 16th and early 17th century in Northern India. Very eye opening. Looking forward to the first meeting.

iin (Chapter 9) - Sun 26 Feb 2017

It's realy a very interesting story with history background....thank for sharing with us. Harem's almost always a cruel and hard life..

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 9) - Sun 26 Feb 2017

Hmm, I liked what you did with Sessomaru's part toward the end of chapter 8. I loved chapter 9. It gave much more information on the concubine system. You are right about wondering what happed to imperial concubine Izoi. My guess is that she asked for Miroku's second concotion that he mentioned to Kagome that will evenually cause her a slow death. I think that if Kagome happens to fall in love with Sessho, she may end up the same way as Izoi. I think that may depends on what Sessho has in mind for her.

Wonderful job on both chapters.

sonja hand (Chapter 9) - Sun 26 Feb 2017

Awesome love the story line. Can't wait for the next chapter 

Awesome day to you

DarkR0ze (Chapter 8) - Sun 26 Feb 2017

I like your story. If you don't have MS Word, I recommend LibreOffice. It's a legally free software. Go to They have tons of  legally free softwares. I only download free things so I go there. Another are FileHippo, softonic and softpedia.

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