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Koree (Chapter 10) - Fri 27 Jul 2018

Wow crazy twist 

Sessygurl (Chapter 10) - Wed 04 Jul 2018

What about their romantic relationship? I guess she is avoiding  that.

Sessygurl (Chapter 9) - Wed 04 Jul 2018

Do you think he planned on everything from the moment she returned? So excited for this story. Thanks for the update. 

Miranda-sama (Chapter 8) - Fri 29 Jun 2018

I just read this story. At first, I had trouble imagining Sesshoumaru as a slave. I don't know why I started reading this story, but I'm so glad that I did! This story is amazing! It's very original and creative, and I like your writing style a lot. You have created a lot of suspense and know I'm eager for the next chapter. I have so many questions and I can't wait to see them aswered at some point in this story. Great job and thanks for sharing!

nicole (Chapter 8) - Tue 26 Jun 2018

She is his mate

Sessygurl (Chapter 8) - Sun 24 Jun 2018

Ahhh! More please. I gotta know what happens next. Thanks for the update.

Koree (Chapter 7) - Tue 05 Jun 2018

Love the story so far , I wonder what happenthe d to Sesshomaru during Kagome’s 6 year absence 

Tatorr (Chapter 7) - Mon 28 May 2018

I'm really enjoying this story. Please update soon.

Kinkyfairy33 (Chapter 6) - Mon 02 Apr 2018

I love this story!! She's back!! update soon!

Blommie8 (Chapter 6) - Tue 27 Feb 2018
glad there's a new chapter here

Toni (Chapter 6) - Wed 14 Feb 2018

can't wait for more

Sessygurl (Chapter 6) - Tue 13 Feb 2018

Oh man! This is getting good.

Cheyanna (Chapter 6) - Mon 12 Feb 2018

Can’t wait to read more!!!!:) Totally looking forward to the next update!!:)

Cathy (Chapter 1) - Wed 16 Nov 2016

Absolutly in love with this story, i have been waiting to see when you are going to add more chapters but i havent seen any in a while and i am a little sad about it because i want to see where things will go. I really hope you start updating again soon!! It is the best story i have read by far. I am not sure how much longer i can wait lol :P Great Job!!!

Kinkyfairy33 (Chapter 5) - Mon 24 Oct 2016

ahhhh don't stop there!! i want the 6 years later!! i'm dying here!! Update soon please!

Blommie8 (Chapter 5) - Tue 11 Oct 2016

watermarkit (Chapter 5) - Sun 09 Oct 2016

Holy crap - how are you turning out so many chapters? Looking forward to more!

cece star (Chapter 1) - Sun 09 Oct 2016

This was amazing please keep writing. It flowed well but things moved a little fast but I think you should definitely keep writing please please please.

Blommie8 (Chapter 4) - Sun 09 Oct 2016

Amber (Chapter 1) - Sun 09 Oct 2016

I adore your story so far. I have never seen a plot line like this. So it will be interesting to see what is to come in the near future. What I am personally hoping is Sesshoumaru will take Kagome with him to his time because I personally do not like the way her "friend"(Inuyasha) and sister(Kikyo) treat her(Kagome). I personally do not see them staying in the house for all of the story anyway. And I am also wondering if Kagome possesses her miko abilities in this story.

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