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Katrina Kee (Chapter 24) - Tue 14 Nov 2017

 Oh poor Kagome! Poor Sesshomaru! What to do what to do about and his mess you’ve gotten everyone in! I guess I will just have to wait to find out! Thanks for the updates and please try to update your other fanfic called Kitsume Girl. Thank you.

XxSlytherin_QueenxX (Chapter 24) - Sun 12 Nov 2017

This cant be the end! unless there is a sequel IDK i dont ever pay attention


Lol luv it

Loveyaa (Chapter 24) - Wed 08 Nov 2017

Oh much has happened. And Kagome is one smart cookie. I wonder how Sesshoumaru will deal with this. How everyone in his family will. And we still have to worry about what Naraku's got up his sleeve. I can't wait to see what happens next :)

Hart (Chapter 24) - Mon 06 Nov 2017

I read the chapters name without remembering that this was still an incomlete story and I almost threw my computer... Great cliffhanger though, makes me fustrated, but also excited for more.

Susy V (Chapter 24) - Fri 03 Nov 2017

Oh, I can't wait to read what his beast and him will think of this. And Natalya, slimy bastard, poachibg on Kagome. This has gotten interesting! 

Lorena (Chapter 24) - Fri 03 Nov 2017

More than anything, I'm happy that Kagome is somewhat aware of Sesshomaru's situation...I hate that she's going to go with someone I'm not fond of, mainly because it seems like she only sees him as "pleasant mr nara" and I can't see her wisen' up to him without a bunch of drama

Wynter89 (Chapter 24) - Thu 02 Nov 2017

No way.   It can't end like that....   No no no....    

Annie (Chapter 24) - Thu 02 Nov 2017

Wow what will Sesshomaru do now. Poor Kagome. I hope she continue work with Sesshomaru and not the snake Naraku.


Lonelylulaby (Chapter 24) - Thu 02 Nov 2017

All I got is...


Well fudge ????

REDWOLF (Chapter 24) - Thu 02 Nov 2017

Sesshoumaru is unexplainable. I think Kagome is going about this the right way.

Natalia (Chapter 24) - Thu 02 Nov 2017

I had to reread the chapter because it's so beautiful! I am so sad for kagome!  I also am proud of her for taking this decision, it shows her strength! I am sad for her that she believes his rational part hates her but he made sure she is certain of this! I can't help but feel frustrated! Hope he wakes up soon!

I admit I am cautious of naraku cause we know how he is but kagome doesn't and she only sees the best in everyone! I only had one though, hope she will research naraku or ask around, to better be prepared, since when one goes to a new job it wants to know more about the new boss! But I bet naraku is carefull and crafty!

And why is everyone treating her like a child? I get that they want to protect her, but this only makes her hurt and insecure, that's why she wanted to show that she is strong! 

I only hope that you will update soon cause I can't stop thinking about it! It's only a compliment to your talent! 

And please believe that we enjoy every word! How should I say? You decide the direction of the fic so keep doing it your way and if someone tries to dictate don't listen! We can get frustrated only because we like it, every one can have his opinion, some may be sad that kagome is naive some may be angry but maybe it is because kagome is written in a certain way? You rebuild her character! This is not canon kagome so our mind gets carried away trying to see more of her. Applause to you for writing a different kagome! Some expect her to know about dog youkais only because she works for one and it's logical that one wants to know more about the person she works for, but the fact is that only you know what she knows and what she's like! So I am sure everything will get explained and everything will make sense in the end! So I will patiently wait for more! Keep up the good work! I really love the fic and am grateful that you continue writing it! Even if I don't agree with some aspects it doesn't mean I don't like it! I do! One only gets involved like this only if she likes the work!

Again thank you for sharing your talent and work with us!

Take care!

kagomesirene (Chapter 24) - Thu 02 Nov 2017

Sorry ...i had no time to review the last here it comes....i'm devasted that Sesshoumaru is willing to sacrivice his happiness and to hurt Kagome over and over again not admiting his feelings for her-_- but it's great that she is the brave one ending this farce and staying true to her believes.


I read a few reviews and have to say i cannot agree with them...

Yes Kagome is idealistic and a little bit naiv, but thats a privilege of the youth.

Yes, Kagome has been trained to have a pact partner, but there are more than only Inus out there, so why should she be The expert for Inu mating habbits, political and social implicatians /consequences for a Lord loving his pact partner and Sesshoumarus innermost and personal feelings/ actions.

As far as i see it, she was not solely trained for parznering with Sesshoumaru!

And remember chapter one....she worked for him but four weeks at this point in time!!!! So please a little bit of common sense in analysing the situation....


When you're new on the job and your cold, detached and regal boss is getting more aggravated and agressive from day to day, is it really your first thought that he has fallen head over heals for you on first sight???

Dont you think the most logic conclusion would be to argue that you yourself are the problem, cause nothing changed for your boss beside You!

Kagomes wish to proof her strengh and worth is more than natural. She thinks that showing off for Sesshoumaru will assure him that he can trust her and her abilities, relaxing the more than tense situation at work. Is that childish??? Why is nobody complaining about Inuyasha, cause he IS doing the same?!

Because he is male and that entitles him to demand to proof his strenght and worth?

And how should Kagome know what NaraKU is planing. Sesshoumaru himself knows Nothing about him beside the fact that he dislikes him( for flirting with Kagome! )He is willing to do business with him, allowing him entrance to his home, in inviting him to dinner. Yeah, they are business enemies and as a lord one has to have a look for potential challengers, but Sesshou has neither indications nor proof that Nara plans anything sinister beside business related stuff.

Only because We Are “ know it all“ s, having the opportunity to discover every charakters darkest secret and thoughts does not mean we shoud expect the charakters to be “know it all“s as well...that would make the plot unrealistic!!!


...End of rant....


So please keep up the great work

Lexy217 (Chapter 24) - Thu 02 Nov 2017

I know cliffhangers are great to bring readers back, but OMG did you have to leave it right there!!!

Miss C (Chapter 24) - Thu 02 Nov 2017

OMG this cliff hanger, but Naraku. OMG noooooooooo!!

Lauren (Chapter 24) - Thu 02 Nov 2017

This is horrendous. I demand that this be fixed immediately. How can Kagome finally be aware enough to realize that Sesshoumaru likes her, but still doesn't see how skeevy Naraku is?! Inuyasha and Miroku better get their asses in gear and repair this relationship. 

Natalia (Chapter 24) - Thu 02 Nov 2017

First of all I love the story! The idea is very unique and fresh! If one is getting frustrated at kagome's behalf it doesn't mean the story is bad or the author is not doing its job! Everyone has its own opinion and how one sees a character. You are the author so it's your right to write how you want. I was only sad that kagome was portrayed as too clueless based on your plot and the fact that she was raised by a knowledgeable priest and she herself studied youkai! 

We readers were getting frustrated only because the plot is so good and we were impatient to see her realise the truth or at least get some ideas!

I apologise if I somehow offended you!

I can't wait to see sesshoumaru's reaction to this! I bet he will be livid!

And hope he  will finally realize it was a bad move from his part to behave like this!

And I am so sad for kagome! I am scared for her at naraku's place! He must have a plan trap up his sleeve especially knowing sesshoumaru's feelings for her!

 I thank you very much for updating!

Please keep writing!

Thanks again!

xoMIA ;) (Chapter 24) - Thu 02 Nov 2017

Yay she isn't completely naive! 

Crimson Rose (Chapter 24) - Thu 02 Nov 2017

So short T_T please update soon! 

critique (Chapter 23) - Wed 01 Nov 2017

This story was different, I normally pick the ones that are feudal era themed fan fiction but this story was a breath of fresh air and love that kagome is itching for a fight. You had mention at the start of the story that it was suppose to be a one shot. However, I'm glad you choice to keep writing. The pace is great with the flow of events; detail is not to much to where i would skim over. Keep up the creative writing and have a nice day!

Leahchan13 (Chapter 23) - Wed 01 Nov 2017! This is not gonna end well...Sessh it pains me to see ya like this! It's such a difficult situation! I wouldn't know what to do!

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