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Kahnartis (Chapter 7) - Sun 03 Jul 2016



I just read read all seven chapters of your story. I must say that it's refreshingly unique. It's a nice, new twist on the business world/secretary stories that I have come across in my readings. I look forward to seeing how all of the elements are going to come together. 


I find it very interesting that we know more of Sesshomaru's emotional state concerning Kagom, rather than the reverse. Sure, we know that she finds him attractive, and that she is loyal and diligent in her work. We also know that she wants to stay instead of being transferred. "To figure out the puzzle l" I believe is how you put it. Perhaps, this will be an interesting case where he acknowledges his feelings, and Kagome will have to come to the realization that she holds these feelings. Hmmm... That would be interesting.... 


Anyway, sorry for the rambling. It's a bad habit of mine. I'm enjoying this story immensely. I look forward to your next chapter. 


Please keep up the amazing work! 


Also, I'm looking forward to seeing how you write Gramps! :) 


Anyway, I've started to ramble again! You're doing great! So just keep doing what you are doing! 



Farial Samira Rahman (Chapter 7) - Sat 02 Jul 2016

Woah, what was that last bit about?! I look forward to how Sessh handles things :3

princess of the western lands (Chapter 7) - Sat 02 Jul 2016

Love this story. That last image of kagome dead, I'm wondering where the beast got it from? Can he see more than sesshomaru can? Will kagome's grandpa give her some pointers on how to deal with sesshomaru? 


Update soon onegai 

Ja ne 

AlexisNight (Chapter 7) - Sat 02 Jul 2016

Take solution 2 D: this more pun DAT way

Leaora (Chapter 7) - Sat 02 Jul 2016

Oh! Can we charter the same plane? I don't even care where my seat is!

Katrina Kee (Chapter 6) - Sat 02 Jul 2016

Is Mr.Nara Naraku by any chance? I am only asking because of the name of his secretary and his long wavy black hair in his hanyo form.....

Great chapter by the way and what a great way to get Sesshomaru and Kagome together! Have them both meet up at the gala that Inuyasha spoke about earlier!

Can't wait for the next installment! Thanks!

anna1989 (Chapter 6) - Wed 29 Jun 2016

Yay, I loved this new chapter! I'm so excited for the next chapter! I love this story(: 

snow (Chapter 6) - Wed 29 Jun 2016

interesting story cant wait to continue reading :) thank you for the update!

Leahchan13 (Chapter 6) - Wed 29 Jun 2016

I'm really enjoying this! From now on I will try to review even though I don't say much lol

REDWOLF (Chapter 6) - Tue 28 Jun 2016

Well, I like it!

Reb (Chapter 6) - Mon 27 Jun 2016

Thank you! It was wonderful. You are a gifted writer. 

blueanimegeek (Chapter 6) - Mon 27 Jun 2016

Love love!!!

I can't wait to read more!

You're story is awesome!

The-infamous-one (Chapter 6) - Mon 27 Jun 2016

Your not allowed to stop writing this.  I'm so hooked it's not funny!

ladyhikikomori (Chapter 6) - Mon 27 Jun 2016

This is a beautiful story and it is very well-written. I hope you continue with it. 

Miss C (Chapter 6) - Mon 27 Jun 2016

I love it!! Keep it up!!

hana sora (Chapter 6) - Mon 27 Jun 2016

It is so funny. . A jealous sesshmaru means disaster. . Haha. . But kagome didnt realize it. . Poor him! Lol

Selenityhyperion (Chapter 6) - Mon 27 Jun 2016



That is an AWESOME story.


Absolutely freaking awesome.


Great job on everything here!!!

Christine (Chapter 6) - Mon 27 Jun 2016

I really like this story! I can't wait for more!! 

zenfluence (Chapter 6) - Sun 26 Jun 2016

I love this story

Akita (Chapter 6) - Sun 26 Jun 2016

More and quickly!

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