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anna1989 (Chapter 9) - Wed 06 Jul 2016

Yay! Another chap(: I think a civilian should report they saw a large amount of reiki being used, on the shrine grounds, to the council members & hopefully they decide to make an appearance so they can maybe further investigate. & come up with a solution that will cause kagome and sessh to spend time out of work with each other. (: I hope this can maybe inspire u a tiny bit? Good luck with ur writing!!

Elizabeth (Chapter 9) - Wed 06 Jul 2016

Can't remember if I reviewed this this morning or not, but I just wanted to say that the story is great so far. I love the awkward situation that Sesshoumaru finds himself. Hehehe, I can't wait for your next update!

Jenna (Chapter 9) - Wed 06 Jul 2016

Love the story so far! Which personalities are you struggling with? It can be hard to write a character and keep them from getting to ooc. I think you're doing a wonderful job at keeping the characters in their personalities. Do you plan on writing a chapter from naraku's point of view? If you do you could give the reader more information about the world kagome and them are in. Best of luck :D 

erika (Chapter 9) - Wed 06 Jul 2016

I love this story so much, I don't review often but since you have been having some writers block I want to really encourage you because I truly look forward to reading your work, I'm in love with the story and for that you must finish it! All the best! 

MG (Chapter 9) - Wed 06 Jul 2016

Such a refreshing twist on the office scenario! I'm looking forward to seeing where you go with it!

hana sora (Chapter 9) - Wed 06 Jul 2016

Keep it coming!!!

Leaora (Chapter 8) - Tue 05 Jul 2016

Ah, don't mad! Your writing is enthralling and we love you so never stop writing!

Elspeth (Chapter 9) - Tue 05 Jul 2016

I can't help with personalities but I'm so looking forward to the dojo fight. Like rubbing my hands together in school girl glee.

Ingrid (Chapter 9) - Tue 05 Jul 2016

You're doing a great job building the story up. I wish Sesshoumaru had observed Kagome's awesome power! Maybe he'll get a chance to see how strong she is soon enough, heheh.


I'm really looking forward to you next update! :0)


FayeMegan (Chapter 9) - Tue 05 Jul 2016

You seem to be doing fine with the personalities. I hope too many obstacles don't block our lovely couple from happiness!

Seichou (Chapter 8) - Tue 05 Jul 2016

Don't shrivel up!! I love this story and the direction it is taking. Can't wait for the next chapters.

anna1989 (Chapter 8) - Tue 05 Jul 2016

whooo hoooo! Another chap...I luved it!!! Thank u for updating(: 

hana sora (Chapter 8) - Tue 05 Jul 2016

Where is kagome? Is he going to come to sessh's house? :S

FayeMegan (Chapter 8) - Tue 05 Jul 2016

Favorited for updates! Hope to see more soon!!

Mona (Chapter 8) - Mon 04 Jul 2016

Short chapter but great, hope to read more soon.

zenfluence (Chapter 8) - Mon 04 Jul 2016

Oooooooooo... I smell foreshadowing!

LittleRin (Chapter 8) - Mon 04 Jul 2016

Yeah, as a southerner, you should probably know that in the us a yank or a Yankee is a northerner and calling a southerner that can get you punched. As a person who doesn't actually care, oh well. :p it's a week of little sleep as the neighbors shoot fireworks til the crack of dawn.... for weeks. They don't even care about the country they're celebrating.  They just like the fireworks.  This close to a military base all they harbor for the country and it's military is resentment.  Think our military are just jerks in other countries?  Laughable concept. 

Enough of that, though.  I like the story. It was nice to see a new update from you.  Will we get more soon? 

FayeMegan (Chapter 7) - Sun 03 Jul 2016

I really like your story! I hope you update soon, very interesting plot. Also, Canada is great, I love very close to it, and may need to build a raft with a white flag and "American Refugee" sign and paddle over there.

MG (Chapter 7) - Sun 03 Jul 2016

Loving this!!! Looking forward to the next update!

Marisa (Chapter 7) - Sun 03 Jul 2016

This was my first time reading your story and I am completely hooked and in love with it! Can't wait for the next chapter. You've really captured the characters in this one their portrayals are spot on! 

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