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Jean (Chapter 7) - Wed 18 Jan 2017

Wonderful story, you are a talented writer! I love your characters, are any of the others going to make an appearance? Can't wait for the next chapter! 

Koree (Chapter 7) - Mon 16 Jan 2017

I really enjoyed this chap ,  idk i connected with them as i read i know it sounds weird but i did lol anywho great chap

Eryn (Chapter 7) - Mon 09 Jan 2017

Their relationship is beautiful in it's complexity.

MythMagykFae (Chapter 7) - Sat 07 Jan 2017

Thanks for the well wishes, I hope your year has started off well! This was a wonderful and engaging chapter, very emotional and interestingwhat with the minld culture shock and thier mutual learning. Not to mention thier final goodbye of the chapter and Sess's common sense you dont have to fight talk. Great work!

Mutnodjmet (Chapter 7) - Sat 07 Jan 2017

I had read this story when it started out as a one shot. I am glad you made into a chapter tale. It is a exquisite piece of writing. I love how you bring out the interactions between Sessho and Kagome. It is like reading a detailed account of a blossoming romantic love story between two polar opposites blending into a yin and yang to balance their love and friendship. I enjoyed reading this story and I look forward to future chapters. Excellent work.

The Soap (Chapter 7) - Sat 07 Jan 2017

A really wonderful chapter! I especially love the confusion of cultures, and Kagome's need for consent. Also, thanks for writing on my wall in greeting, and please continue the wonderful work! 

Violetlune (Chapter 7) - Fri 06 Jan 2017

I am enjoying the story so far. Great dynamic between Sesshomaru and Kagome. Cannot wait to read more!

Violla (Chapter 7) - Fri 06 Jan 2017

Un altro capitolo molto coinvolgente non vedo l'ora per il prossimo. 

VQ83 (Chapter 1) - Fri 06 Jan 2017

Beutiful writing, the emotions expressed were deep and really fleshef it! 

InuKami-Sama (Chapter 7) - Fri 06 Jan 2017

Next chapter please...are they going to end up together??? 

Kae (Chapter 7) - Thu 05 Jan 2017

Hi! Just sitting over here! Loving this! don't mind me! :D

natalia (Chapter 7) - Thu 05 Jan 2017

A depressing chapter but beautiful! Thx for updating! The tension was high and kagome... Eh kagome Is strong! Yet she still needs love and attention! Why won't he take her with him?? Hope he will return soon! Again thanks for updating!

Pamela (Chapter 7) - Thu 05 Jan 2017

I hope he comes back soon. I imagine she was quite shocked when he licked her neck and kissed the corner of her mouth. Yes, very different in human circles. I hope Kagome gets stronger. I have a feeling she will always need Sess.

Koree (Chapter 6) - Tue 03 Jan 2017

Lol this whole chap was hilarious xD Great Job

MythMagykFae (Chapter 6) - Mon 02 Jan 2017

LOL, what a cute interaction! Happy New Year!

Saiya (Chapter 6) - Sun 01 Jan 2017

Awsome those two are so Adorable!

Fallingyuki (Chapter 6) - Sun 01 Jan 2017

Great story.

Violla (Chapter 6) - Sat 31 Dec 2016

Sono felice che ai aggiornato spero che non ci vora troppo tempo per il prossimo capitolo. 

The Soap (Chapter 1) - Sat 31 Dec 2016

Amazing first chapter! You've captured Sesshoumaru's thought processes in the most substantial and honest way. I acknowledge that you have obviously spent so much time honng your writing craft, so thank you for gifting this fandom with your words. I'm going to read the rest of the chapters, but I'm going to savor them slowly. Like a good piece of chocolate. 

Kae (Chapter 6) - Sat 31 Dec 2016

Wooooo! I had to go back to re-read and remind myself, but that's no trial as I enjoy your writing so much! :)  Thanks for the update!

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