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Created On: 04/09/2020 09:16:07

Thank you for your review! Inuyasha’s whereabouts are revealed in the more recent chapters, hope you’re enjoying the story


Created On: 03/21/2020 02:03:11

glad you liked Link to the Past! see comment below lol


Created On: 03/09/2020 01:27:35

Thanks for R&Ring What Happened?

Sequels/prequels are never off the table with me. If inspiration strikes, it will be done XD
Feedback from Shanika: And I'll be here ready for the read


Created On: 12/24/2019 18:24:24

Thank you for your review on 'The Shoot' ! I'm glad you like the style I've gone with! I like to give my stories cinematic feel, like it's a movie unfolding word by word, and 'show, not tell' in order to convey the characters' feelings in a way that readers can enjoy it almost in the first-person.
Feedback from Shanika: Yes I just love the way it is be written. Cannot wait for more to come


Created On: 11/25/2019 10:34:28

Hi Shanika!
Thank you for your review on An Arrangement, i hooe yo enjoy the story. I'm going to share a non-spoiler with you. Sesshomaru is a demon, as are the others in the Taisho estate. AA is a story about facing truths more than finding them, so I hope you stick around to see what happens updates are rather sporadic but I'll try!
Feedback from Shanika: I understand. I was just confused and of course I will stick around. I love the story.

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