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I'm a recent college grad just starting my first real job. I was a member of the Sess/Kag community many years ago and recently rediscovered my love of reading and writing fanfiction. I'll be editing and posting some of those soon, along with some new fics that are still in the works. I think I'll try my hand at some drabble and oneshot challenges, too.






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Kagome is captured by an enemy and imprisoned in his castle. But she is not alone. She discovers a weak and angry Sesshoumaru, and that is just the beginning of her problems. Will they be able to put their differences aside to escape? Or will the man behind their capture get what he really wants?
Rating: M  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 23 Jan 2011  -  Updated: 27 Feb 2011
Genre: Action, Angst  -  Chapters: 4  -  Reviews: 4  -  Words: 12,052  -  Reads: 5,011

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This Sesshoumaru Does Not Approve
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Created On: 10/16/2014 05:00:13

Thank you so much for the review! It made my morning. :3 I'm so happy to hear that Chain has managed to retain its charm!

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 09/03/2014 19:31:41

*tears of joy*
Thank you SO much for your review on "The Hime Tradition". I think you just saved my heart from crushing. There's alot of anger towards Kags right now cause shes...well...being stubborn. But Your review just saved the day! My heart just melted!
I'm so glad you are enjoying her character...cause I love writing about her.
Thank you again!


Created On: 05/07/2011 15:03:04

Okay... that set of reviews for 'Lord Charming' made me laugh out loud, and I dearly love to laugh. Thank you!

Inuendo ftw! ::twinkle::


Created On: 04/16/2011 12:47:50

thanks for all the reviews on Get Bent!! So glad you are enjoying it!!
Hope to keep you giggling


Created On: 04/10/2011 11:26:28

I think we all can't wait to see how he courts Kagome, lol! Hope you enjoy the new chapter this morning called Confrontations, and the chapter I'm working on now, called Kagome's Heart, in which we get to see her thoughts and feelings towards Sesshoumaru.



Created On: 03/06/2011 18:05:56

Well, I see that I promised Sessmom, and here she is! And as for our favorite dai - since when does he do anything the easy way? (except killing, of course, lol) But he's starting to see things a little differently, now, so things will start picking up soon.



Created On: 02/19/2011 17:21:20

You're not far off... their thoughts were definitely similar, but not quite the same... yet. And yes, Sessmoms gonna debut in the next chapter in honor of r0o, who made mention of her some time ago in relation to Windows on the West.



Created On: 02/11/2011 23:57:19

Thank you! I'm happy you like miko no makimono (thats too long i need a nickname) so far! Hopefully I can keep you hooked! lol


Created On: 02/09/2011 09:01:20

Thank you for reviewing Chain!

I'm glad to hear you liked the chapter! e chapter, I was a bit afraid there would be complaints about there being too little SessKag action.. ^^;

In any case, thank you so much for your support, it means much to me!


Created On: 02/07/2011 22:36:43

Thank you for the review on The Flower Girl! As for Rin... I just modeled her after what she was like in the manga, and a bit on how my own daughter was when she was that age, and voila, there's Rin!

Glad you enjoyed it...


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