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Hmm, changed my name to Lily Noir so it would match my FF account. You can all still call me Lily though, I prefer that. ;P

I have quite a lot of imagination, sadly though, I don't think I would finish a story unless it's spectacular so I don't try to write one. But some day, there will surely be a fic here from me too XD.

'Till then, all my lil plunnies will be posted on the Borrowed Muse thread (link: and ready to be adopted by a willing writer :)


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Name Entry

Created On: 07/13/2013 01:20:51

It took me a bit but I finally remembered to respond to your review! I'm really glad that you like how I'm portraying her to answer your question Kagome will have powers in this fic but it may take a bit for them to show themselves but don't worry they'll come up eventually

The Hatter Theory

Created On: 01/24/2012 19:10:19

I've been writing out the wazoo and realized I hadn't responded to your reviews. Thank you, they've actually made me want to write more, and I'm glad you're enjoying. Nova is definitely going to be a first for me in a lot of ways, and reviews definitely keep me going on it.
Feedback from Lily Noir:


Created On: 11/23/2011 12:53:13

Thank you for reviewing Chain again! :3

The reunion in the future will not be taking its place quite yet, I still have few more things I'll need to settle before that. :3

Also I'm really happy to hear that you thought the characters were in character. :3 Especially after the recent chapters my characterisations have been critised, people have had a hard time to see how Kagome could have made such a decision. So it's reassuring to know that there are also some people who do not find fault in the characterisations.

- Chie
Feedback from Lily Noir: No problem =) .... And those people forget that Kagome is human too, not a saint


Created On: 10/31/2011 22:45:01

Hello! Thank you for reading my fic, Having Fallen Off. I'm not going to end it immediately or anything; it just seemed that people would rather read a fic full of romance and lime. And if I do end it, I'd only change the plot drastically so I could complete it sooner. Thanks for your support, though! And if you want to read more, I will only be posting in Going to two sites is rather a bother. Thank you!

Aurora Antheia Raine

Created On: 09/07/2011 16:09:55

Thanks for reviewing Ready, Set, Fall four times in a row! It totally made my day! lol. And yes, my grandma had stage 4 colon cancer. She passed just last month after a year long battle; however, it was peaceful and for that, everyone was grateful. I am sorry to hear your grandma passed away from the same disease and can only hope that her departure was as peaceful as my grandma's.
Feedback from Lily Noir: I'm sorry for your loss. And yes, I hear she died just after saying goodbye to her children (my dad and aunt).


Created On: 09/06/2011 17:52:21

Thanks for your reviews on MoshPit Mate! I'm having fun making it, and I'm so glad you are enjoying it too!


Created On: 08/27/2011 15:53:49

Thank you for reviewing the Olive Branch Petition... again! actually just going with the flow there. For the game, I have a lot of stuff planned out, but for the office-universe it's difficult to say because I don't exactly know when the next 'day' will happen.

I really hope you're liking where I take the Olive Branch Petition. Again, thanks for reading!


Created On: 08/13/2011 11:38:32

Thank you for reviewing 'Untamed'. I think there should be a separate queue for the people that claim her as theirs lol Sesshomaru will likely want to destroy them all though


Created On: 07/30/2011 17:03:40

Thank you so much for your review of my odyssey adaptation, I'm glad you approved of how I handled it, and yes, the title is the first verse of the odyssey and the translation was in the story too
thanks again!


Created On: 07/17/2011 12:23:30

Thanks for reviewing Fang's Master and glad you are enjoying it. There should be some more drabbles added today as I went to bed before the DDN finished last night and still have some prompts left .

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