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Ello~ Greeting from the sunny island, Singapore!

Just your typical SessKag fangirl with a little bit of twists and quirks. :)


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Name Entry

Created On: 01/14/2012 16:36:06

Of course! It was beautiful!


Created On: 06/03/2011 20:54:22

Omedetou!! It is great that your efforts are being recognized and appreciated by individuals who share the same interest. I keep thinking of minds cafe and how I should really pay it a visit soon! Yoku yatta ne~

Awwww I feel the same way actually...HEA is very fun to write and definitely therapeutic in its own unique manner. I know what you mean - I will probably miss it really badly when it all comes to an end.

LOL!! Thank you for your kind words, my dear friend! I understand what you mean. I get all creeped out and uneasy when I read/watch/write horror stories, but at the same time, I cannot stop! I think I get a kick out of getting freaked out, and it all began from True Ghost Stories of Singapore from Russell Lee.... LOL.


Created On: 05/30/2011 02:03:43

Yay! My dear you're too sweet. How's your club coming along anyway? I totally respect your enthusiasm and efforts in doing something so nice for your schoolmates.

Anyway, yes, it's actually a company laptop. Hehehe. *shhhhh* But I bring it home on weekends for private use and stay clear of the company network. You are right about seeing me here more often; I am determined to finish HEA in less than 5 chapters, and am working on a new one titled Retribution


Created On: 05/28/2011 11:28:27

I am so happy to be back too! Thank you for the lovely review of HEA chapter 32, my never, ever fail to make my day! It's HAPPINESS that I got a laptop again


Created On: 09/15/2010 09:12:58

LOL no way! Why would anyone tease such an awesome name?! XD

The Back-to-Bakumatsu plan sounds absolutely awesome! Let's start packing now! Remind me to pop by Guardian to grab antibiotics so we can play doctor to Okita-san~ I'll definitely help you keep Hijikata-san in a closet and feed him chocolate chip cookies XD

Awww thanks for the kind words, my dear! You see, I broke up with ex 2 because of his mom, so while we were still very close, it seemed strange to keep in contact because we didn't break up because of 'us', was just confusing. Of course, there were other factors, but I kinda decided it was best for us not to stay too close. Eventually, it just became no-contact, so...yup.

Haha yes, help with backpacks/luggage bags would be much appreciated, thank you very much! Other than that, I'd LOVE to carry my own stuff. Do you like the idea of shopping with your boyfriend?

Well, pretty high standards are perfectly alright! They do make things harder, but then again, why should we compromise? I don't understand settling for less, really. I'd rather not settle than go for someone whom I will eventually get exasperated and pissed off by. I like the way you think! If it is meant to be, it will be...I think. XD


Created On: 09/14/2010 14:28:23

Ahhhh, thank you for the lovely review!! You're such a baobei la~ Haha I totally had to write someone Hakuouki-ish. You remember the scene when Chizuru ran out to stand in front of Hijikata when Kazama and co. came to take her away at the temple? Hijikata had lost his sword then and Chizuru had drawn hers, and he simply pulled her to himself in a protective and defensive move?? OMG. FANGASM MAX. I keep wanting to write a story with a scene like that.


Created On: 09/14/2010 14:12:14

ZOMG that's uber cool la!! I never knew it was a combination of two names into romantic and cute!! XD

It's okay about cursing randomly! LOL. I do it all the time, and I like to say (pardon language) "OMG ta ma de qu si ba" when I see nasty anime characters. Like, when Naraku pops out I'll say that. LOL.

I know, right?? I am totally in love with the Shinsengumi~ Should have been born in that era. LOL. I would totally hunt Okita Souji down XD Despite the fact that he...well, died really early.*sobs* I was so obsessed with him, the new Sess/Kag fic I just uploaded on Dokuga revolved around the central theme of THAT illness...

It's cool to know that you guys have maintained close, friendly ties! I don't talk to my ex anymore, actually. Kinda sad but it's a long sappy drama story LOL.

HAHAHA OMG I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN. I hate it when a guy carries my bag for me! I mean, Hello? I spent money buying a bag (no matter if it is expensive or pasar malam goods) and I'd love to carry it by myself. It's most probably meant to match my outfit too. *sigh* They seem to think it's gentlemanly. Now, I wonder if we are asking for too much...I've been told on more than occasion that I ask for too much in a man, LOL. Are you more afraid of not settling, or settling for less?


Created On: 09/14/2010 12:01:15

YAY!! But I guess I couldn't go wrong with your unique surname!

Yes, I totally agree! Somehow people of the past are more loyal, faithful and devoted to what they believe in and treasure. The friendship between all the Shinsengumi members was so touching~ *hugs pillow* Hijikata-san's silent worry for Heisuke when he went away with that disgusting "ah gua" Itou-san totally turned me into goo. I was like, "Hijikata-san~ please, save that little boy!!"

Ahhh~ it's sad when you love someone yet they degrade themselves, thinking they are not good enough. But of course, he must have really loved you for him to feel that way, though it wasn't quite helping the relationship in any way. Are you guys still friends? We should totally go seek the S-guys in Singapore out! XD Are they even in existence??

I have NEVER asked anyone out before though I once came close to doing so. LOL. I'd probably strangle myself out of embarrassment if I asked a guy out! But at the same time, I kinda told myself I should give it a shot one day. You know, just so as not to miss the right one...cheesy as it sounds LOL.


Created On: 09/14/2010 11:31:45

I added!! XD Hope I got the right person too And no worries about the double post! It's no biggie

Awww yes, Yamazaki's parting words made me cry!! Do you remember this scene whereby he instructed Chizuru to take care of Okita should he be gone one day? I went back to that part after Yamazaki's death, and it totally started the waterworks. SAD FACE x 10000000.

LOL I can totally understand why you'd love someone like Hijikata-san! Nothing beats a cool, charming alpha male, and I think I know what you mean by being mentally exhausted. It is a terrible feeling, really. I had two boyfriends as well, and the first was a possessive one while the second was unbelievably submissive. LOL. During the span of one and a half years when we were together, I won every single argument and he never once said 'no' to me for anything. I need someone to be more firm with me, and intimidate me a little too XD I'm such a M-type girl. LOL.

Would you ever ask a guy out?


Created On: 09/14/2010 10:25:39

Oh, and darling, I forgot to tell you to add away on Facebook!! XD

Anyways. AWESOME POSSUM!! I love everyone in Shinsengumi and some of the demons, but like you, I have my favorites and a fangirl hierarchy XD All I can say is, we will never have a conflict of interest so YAY!! XD I love Shinpachi too~ Why is he unchase-able?? I'd love to chase him because his character is probably the closest to the type I like to date in real life. Yamazaki is also very likable! He is so kind and sweet~ I must have cried a tiny bucket when he died!

My favorites (Most to Least, though I LOVE ALL~ even the Amagiri demon guy):
Okita Souji (My heart aches with every cough)
Saitou Hajime
Toudou Heisuke
Hijikata Toshizou (I can totally understand why you love him. ZOMG. Sooooo charming in a stoic way. He totally reminds me of Sesshoumaru and Byakuya from Bleach)
Harada Sanosuke

Bishie fest FTW!! XD I cannot stop drooling when they fight. Bishie + bloody katana = sooooo sexy.

ooooh as for the game, lucky you, dearie! I'll definitely ask my friends in Japan to help me buy it! XD one of my best friends studies there, so I can bug her to help me~

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