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Ok I must confess... I'm not a writer. Never have and never will be. Just ask my English teachers starting at whatever grade you learn how to write. They ALL hate me, no joke. But I like to pretend and it's sorta fun to at least try to write something worth reading. Why do I have an account complete with a lengthy description and avatar you ask? (I know you didn't but just humor me) Well I have several reasons *Insert numbered, double-spaced list that will hopefully make my profile look longer and more important*


1. It was FFUUUUNNNNN!!! Not really but I was bored


2. I like the avatar... no-homo. Not that I have anything against homosexual people. I'm just... not... one.. And onward! To number THHREEEE!


3. I'm an obsessive, closet, fanfiction reader so I needed a way to keep track of my favorites without writing them down where any of my preppy over-dramatic friends can find them. And then tell people. And my mom. Then abandon me with those people that always seem to have a different hair color and randomly scream Japanese words during lunch. Which would be HORRIBLE!! I'm not an anime freak!! I just like to indulge in a fanfict every now and then and maybe an anime or two. So favorites and alerts do their jobs well.


4. When I review a story more than once I want the author to know that it's the same person. Ok. I know that's not really a good reason but I hate giving anonymous reviews. It's just a pet-peeve of mine so lets just leave it at that.


5. Ung... this isn't fun any more. I don't like writing about myself. This is probably not a reason, more like an anti-reason but I wanted to make an even five so it'll have to do.


I'll probably put other stuff here later when I'm bored again

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Just another story where Rin brings together our favorite couple all by her lonesome cuteness. Sesshomaru's beast may lend a helping hand. Will be revised
Rating: K+  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 10 Apr 2011  -  Updated: 10 Apr 2011
Genre: Action, Friendship, Humor, Romance  -  Chapters: 1  -  Reviews: 2  -  Words: 6,058  -  Reads: 2,637

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Created On: 03/10/2012 21:58:40

Thank you for your reviews I'm sorry I haven't gotten around to thanking you until now however (blame my laziness for that). Kags and passive however- well lets just say that has been taken into consideration so that I don't give too much away


Created On: 05/08/2011 09:30:05

I feel the same way. Kagome is such a unique individual that I find it heartbreaking that she's always second best. That's one of the main reasons I like SessKag.


Created On: 04/25/2011 22:36:25

HAH. A threesome. In your dreams babe.

The Ninja thing was a whim too. I needed something to eat up my wordcount.


Created On: 04/25/2011 17:30:33

You forgot about Sesshoumaru? I swear you're probably the only reviewer that hasn't been all 'WHERE IS LORD FLUFF?'. I wanted to write some stuff beforehand, but I guess it can wait.

Glad you like it. You'll have to see what happens.
Thanks for reviewing.
Feedback from demonspurity94: Hey im voting for a threesome so no rush ^_^


Created On: 04/24/2011 00:52:49

You'll have to find out I guess.

The whole Pegasus thing was sort of a whim. Nobody's really done it before and I'm pretty sure I can make him necessary in this story. That, and I want to have a flight scene. Man, I love those.

Blame Fantasia, I guess. I've been listening to too much Tchaikovsky lately.

I've got another one I'm posting in a little while. I promised I'd do one yesterday and something came up. Hang in there!


Created On: 04/12/2011 11:19:18

To be perfectly honest, I never really liked Inuyasha.
Even though he was the main character of the show (It's his name, lol)
I always kinda sorta overlooked him.
His whole romance with Kagome was so....adolescent to me.

I have no qualms taking him out of the story, but he does play a big part in this one.

Thanks for reviewing The Fake Princess, and please continue doing so in the future
Feedback from demonspurity94: Well in his defence he was an adolescent but I see your point. Though reading an inuyasha fanfict without inuyasha playing some part is kinda odd. If he is never born, wouldn't allher memories of him disappear?


Created On: 04/09/2011 23:24:45

Thanks for the review on The Fake Princess inding out she's a priestess. Sesshoumaru in particular.
Please continue reading and reviewing in the future

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