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Until a few months ago I wasn't the slightest bit interested in manga or anime.  At a glance I thought it was for kids and teens.  Then I actually sat down and watched one.  I was hooked.  From there I discovered fan fiction which was really great.  Stories that had ended abruptly now had a conclusion, if fact many endings.  There were also lots of stories out there for my favorite pairings, which are often not cannon.  Now my interest in writing has been sparked.  I've written one story for a different anime on the Fan Fiction site.  Who knows, I might write one for here too, one day.

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Name Entry

Created On: 04/12/2012 17:57:44

Thank you so much for your review on 'Once Upon a Diary'. Your compliment made me so happy!


Created On: 02/29/2012 21:54:45

Thanks for your review on Solace!


Created On: 02/26/2012 15:04:43

Thanks so much for your review on 'Lost'. I'm really glad you liked it!!!! Thanks for reading!


Created On: 12/01/2011 13:36:46

Thank you for reviewing Her Scent and glad you liked the story as well as my explanation .

The Lovely Miko

Created On: 08/17/2011 00:54:30

Thanks for the review!! I'm glad you liked my story "Magazines" and I know what you mean, Jaken is a little to into Sesshomaru to not have a crush lol.

Aurora Antheia Raine

Created On: 05/09/2010 13:23:25

Thank you for your thorough review on Destiny, Fate, and Divine Decree! I really enjoyed reading what you thought of it.

Yes, there is a betrayal somewhere. I won't say whether it was Kagome, Sesshoumaru, or someone else altogether. It'll all be revealed in future chapters.

As for Momiji. She's a pretty complex character. Of course, she'd have to be, to be working with Sesshoumaru and being such close friends with Kagome. lol. Simply put, she fears failing Sesshoumaru since she's had a perfect record so far. She's afraid of getting fired to the point where she's willing to risk hiring Kagome as the company's web designer. She thinks that if she is careful enough, she can avoid Sesshoumaru ever knowing about Kagome since she's not permanent. Momiji knows she can't find an exceptional web designer in the allotted two weeks time, so Kagome is a temporary stand-in to buy her more time.

Momiji met Kagome through the company when she was hired. After their separation, Sesshoumaru would have no way of knowing whether or not Momiji was still keeping in contact with Kagome or how close they have become over the years. A professional assistant wouldn't bring her personal life into the work area.

As for Sesshoumaru trusting Momiji, it is only in the profession since he does not contact her outside of work reasons. He trusts her professionalism. Kagome was another story since his emotions were actually involved.

I hope that made the story a bit clearer. All this will become apparent in the future chapters. Thanks again for reviewing!


Created On: 03/05/2010 09:37:47

Thanks for reviewing Sheer Cruelty part deux and glad you enjoyed the second story. I love writing from Jaken's POV .


Created On: 03/03/2010 06:27:34

Thanks for reviewing Sheer Cruelty part deux and I think you have a point there, those two go through them way too quickly hehe.


Created On: 03/01/2010 17:49:46

Thanks a bunch for the review on Touch Me. I'm glad you liked it! I wrote it so long ago it makes me cringe when I reread it

Quiet Whisper

Created On: 02/19/2010 04:34:51

Hey Lady thanks for all the reviews! I'm happy you decided to give my angsty lil story a chance! See ya around in chat!

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