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Hi Dokuga people!!

Biiiiig time Sesshoumaru/Kagome fan and an old supporter of Single Spark. It was a sad day when they decided to stop updating it but luckily for all us Sess/Kag fans Dokuga was created! So kudos to Dokuga for satisfying our cravings for Kag/Sess smu... I mean... stories... :P

Furthersmores theres not much to tell; 27, female, Dutch and fanfiction obsessed covers most of it but if you want to know more or just chat you can always drop me an messagel, even if its just to squeel about Sesshoumaru (not that Im much of a squeeling person but I do think that would be funny)

Ja ne! xxxx

*Goes off to feed her Sess/Kag craving*

Sesshoumaru is like Chocolate.... Smooth, Sinful, Sensual, Creamy and Yummy as hell :P

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sugar0o who lurks

Created On: 05/06/2010 15:32:49

the more r0o's and Roos the bettah!
Feedback from Roos: *Laughs* *Hi5!* *Glomps* We are taking over ze woooorld! Muahahahahaha!

LC Rose

Created On: 03/02/2010 01:05:51

Okay. Since I'm the first to sign the book, I gotta do the dance...

And now that my virginity breaking dance is done, I now thank you for your review on Poodle Allergies. I'm so glad I gave you a laugh, as that is what i was aiming for, and I hope I continue to please. LC
Feedback from Roos: Hahaha, You are very welcome on my now not virgin wall! I really love your story as we have 2 dogs ourselves and I can totally see a poodle acting that way hahahaha, I will totally continue to follow your story and I wish you a lot of fun with writing it! XOXO

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