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04/01/2012 02:03:35Looking again...lolSearching for a Fic...658
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02/23/2011 00:13:01Re:looking for a ficSearching for a Fic...6236
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01/15/2011 16:11:16looking for a ficSearching for a Fic...6236


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Kagome and Sesshomaru are best friends, they meet in a online game where all the drama starts and love begins..
Rating: M  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 11 Aug 2010  -  Updated: 11 Aug 2010
Genre: Drama, Friendship, Humor, Romance  -  Chapters: 1  -  Reviews: 7  -  Words: 2,385  -  Reads: 1,054


Name Entry

Created On: 04/14/2017 11:26:09

Thanks for your newest feedback and critique on Legal Jargon. I suspected it seemed sudden. I didn't give it a chance to develop. I may have to go back and edit previous chapters for it to flow better if I keep that there.


Created On: 04/09/2017 19:01:45

Thanks for being so dedicated to Legal Jargon! I appreciate your most recent review. There's a new chapter up. Hope you enjoy!


Created On: 02/24/2017 16:28:56

Thank you for your review on "Cause And Effect"
Originally I planned to put chapters up on a schedule but since I broke my wrist it hasn't worked how I want it to. Please keep reading and thank you again for the feedback!

Keiko Takata.

Park Yoon Na

Created On: 05/01/2016 01:53:32

Thank you for your previous review to my story "It can't be over" I doing hope you enjoy the newest chapter. I am glad you like it


Created On: 08/11/2014 03:14:57

Thanks for reviewing Legal Jargon! Care to share where you think it could go from here? Lol!!! I'm glad you like it so far!

Midnight Song

Created On: 05/29/2012 09:41:41

Haha, I'm glad you liked the connection to Naraku! LOL, you're probably right about Sess. I've never been good at writing him...

Midnight Song

Created On: 05/16/2012 17:45:20

Thanks for the review!! ^_^


Created On: 05/16/2012 12:36:36

Thanks so much for your review. Kagome has a few tricks up her sleeve that should surprise Sesshomaru. I am glad you like it.


Created On: 03/23/2012 11:31:53

Thank you dear for the review on my story, glad you showed interest i was almost beginning to lose hope for it. I encourage feedback and ideas of any kind on it I gave you a plug in this latest chapter Thanks again


Created On: 08/18/2011 11:37:47

Thank you so much for your review! It really made my day! From now on, I will try to update at least once a day and we will see how it goes!
Thanks again!!!!!

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