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I have been reading for nearly 7 years. I started with I/K of course, but soon realized that it was boring to me. Thus my slight addiction to S/K was born.

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Random drabbles from drabble night/other random instances where I feel like being strange.
Rating: T  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Oneshot Collections  -  Created: 24 Apr 2010  -  Updated: 01 Dec 2012
Genre: Humor  -  Chapters: 3  -  Reviews: 9  -  Words: 366  -  Reads: 1,468

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Created On: 11/23/2011 12:51:05

Thank you for your lovely review on Chain. :3 It brought a smile to my face.

The end is still a few chapters away, but it's definitely drawing near. I just hope I will be able to make it into an ending worthy of this story.

- Chie


Created On: 10/29/2011 09:37:19

I'm glad you liked my story

And yes, I am much better. Maya is faring well too. She's a well behaved puppy :3


Created On: 06/15/2010 21:53:21

Hi, Rachel, I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed Between Heaven and Hell! And yes, it has definitely been a while, so I don't blame you for having to re-read it. Until next time!


Created On: 06/11/2010 17:42:20

I'm really glad you enjoy The Flower Girl so much - it was one of my most favorite stories to write. Thanks so much for reviewing!



Created On: 06/05/2010 23:25:54

Thanks so much for sending me a review on TBC (The Bridal Creed)! I'm beyond stoked that you've added it to your alerts! Thank you soooo much!


Created On: 05/10/2010 19:53:42

Thanks for the review on Accidentally Funny! I'm so glad you've enjoyed it so far - makes it all worthwhile when I can get people laughing and enjoying my efforts. And of course, writing anything with Sesshoumaru is just pleasure incarnate...



Created On: 04/30/2010 15:15:31

Thank you, Rachel, for reviewing TT again! ^^

The plot is thickening indeed.

I suppose now when the readers have pointed it out to me, it seems kinda silly of me that no one even suspected there might've been connection between the letters and Kagome's disappearence (save for Hiten, of course)... I guess I was just thinking that everyone thought the purpose of Kagome's snatchers was to hurt her and her only. And the timing of the incidents also made it less obvious.

Thank you for the praise though, hope you are enjoying the story!


Created On: 04/16/2010 14:24:13

Hi Rachel, thank you for reviewing "The Peony Lantern 2010" earlier. I am glad you found it a decent read, and would like to tell you that part two (which also happens to the final chapter) has been uploaded. I hope you enjoy the story!


Created On: 03/16/2010 14:31:16

Thanks for leaving a review on my story Tables Turned! Glad to know you did enjoy your read - at least till the end. What can I say, I like cliffies! I mean I know they're a bit evil, but I won't have a guilty conscience over using cliffies. Everyone does. I especially hate the manga-cliffies myself! xD

Oh, and congrats on reading all those chapters straight through! :o My chapters in TT are pretty long, so I think that was quite a feat there, wow!

- Chie


Created On: 03/04/2010 14:45:47

I am very glad that you enjoyed the story so much, and thanks for the review... it really means a lot to know that the readers enjoyed!


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