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Alright, I am S.A.M. (also known as E2). I like red bean mochiko, botan rice candies, and pocky (I know! Childish foods (>.<)). I have a cat that I love dearly and was probably a dog in a previous life for he's to sweet to have much experience as a proper cat.

I currently have not profile pic (and no, the little blue jet doesn't count) so if you have any ideas/suggestions or want to make one for me I would be much obliged.

If I come across a fanfiction that is badly formatted or littered with grammatical errors I will -- most likely -- kidnap it, edit it, and return it to its rightful author. (I am not responsible for the mental state of the chapter(s) that I kidnap nor will I send any ransom notes. If you receive a ransom note, please contact your local webmaster for assistance. Please note that the first twenty-four hours are vital so it is best to act quickly.) I will also do this for anyone who asks.

I also do thorough shakedowns. I can help edit plot, OOC dialog and/or events (so that, hopefully, you can convay that warm and fluffy event without being flamed for the terrible condition known as "OOC"), etc. If you are not sure you want your fanfic completely dissassembled then reassembled by me, send me a chapter and I will return it to you fully edited as promptly as I can.

WARNING: Full editing is not for the faint of heart, I can be a bit harsh (though I try to avoid it) and -- in extreme cases -- completely get rid of some sections of print. But for the most part this warning is just so I don't have to keep warning people (it's like a blanket disclaimer; for legal purposes only ^^).

 NOTE: For a shakedown, I can be asked to stay away from certain things like plot or dialogue (hopefully not both). I will only edit the parts of the chapter/story that you wish to be edited nothing more, nothing less. However, for new and/or young writers, i do recommend a no holds shakedown. Also, if you are being flamed constantly, you might be in need of my assistance.


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Name Entry
Created On: 12/25/2009 23:51:31

Hello What's up?


Created On: 09/07/2009 10:31:17

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on SessKag - Light. And yes, they are smiling (though Sesshoumaru's smile is hidden behind Kagome's hand...). I'm very glad you like it.

D.S Anno

Created On: 08/03/2009 19:00:05
Edited By D.S Anno On: 08/03/2009 19:01:31

Thanks for commenting on the pic I did for Miss K! I may have you cut and paste the pics I mentioned in the description. I will let you know because someone has already told me that they would do it fer me. But if they don't then I'll holler at you.

I read up there that you would like to have someone draw you a profile pic...I willing to draw one fer ya if you like. Jus tell me what you would like. Oh and I added you as a friend too.

Come into chat sometime and we'll chat...lol. Thats usually where I am at. I'll be back on chat in a bit so stop by.

Thanks Again for you Comment!
Later Gator

17th Floor

17th Floor
Created On: 08/03/2009 09:04:46

Thanks S.A.M. for the reviews! I'm glad I could make you ROFL all over the place AND thank you! thank you! for the comment about which era/tense/perspective plays out the best. I am in 100% agreement...(I was 90/10 but just needed that one little nudge over which you gave!)

Thanks again!
17th Floor

D.S Anno

Created On: 08/01/2009 00:12:24

Thanks a bunch for your comment on my Inutaisho pic! I have 3 others I'm working on but haven't posted them yet. It was kind of you to take the time to comment on my pic so thank you.


Created On: 07/31/2009 19:40:32

Awww ur adding it 2 ur favorites
thank u soo much for ur comment on my raindrop pic
I'm so excited that people actually liked it
thax again


Caerdin of Red
Created On: 07/31/2009 04:43:20

I repeat, an amazing reviewer. Haha, I love Dokuga for making it so easy to communicate.

I'll definitely give my chinchillas an extra bit of love for you~
And, thank you. I'll do my best~


Caerdin of Red
Created On: 07/29/2009 19:28:12

Thank you for reviewing my new story.
As for your questions:
1) Yes. As for why, and if this will remain so, you'll have to see.
2) No, it is not going to be incredibly angsty. Not enough for it to be significant, but enough to drive each point home.
3) No. I believe in keeping characters IC as much as possible. Sesshoumaru is, and always will be, Sesshoumaru. I plan on capturing as much of what I feel is his personality as I can. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to tell them to me~


Created On: 07/29/2009 04:16:21
Edited By Steph On: 07/29/2009 04:16:41

OMG thank you for your awesome comments! x333
so glad you likemy comic :333 *glomps


Created On: 06/28/2009 19:59:04
Edited By MontiK On: 06/28/2009 19:59:32


Thought I'd just drop by and say Thanks for your Review on Growing Pains ^.^ and for the supportive PMs I try to update fast for you!

*Hugs* MontiK

P.S. W00t!! I got your first comment

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