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Dreaming of You Author's Notes

Chapters 1 - 17

It's been a long time since I've written fan fiction; not counting the lack luster final chapter of The Marching Dragons I threw together nearly ten years after the previous update. However, this is an idea that I haven't been able to get out of my head recently. The original idea was far different than the one presented to you and has been lost to time. All the notes are stuck on a floppy disk and there's no getting them back. All that remained were the three small chapters from fanfiction.net I wrote when I was fourteen. So, I kept a portion of the idea I fell in love with and changed everything else.

I decided to make this as a drabble series as it's hard enough to get the chapters done for my original stories. The last thing I wanted to do was start something that I would ignore for another ten years. I'm mainly doing this for myself as a creative outlet. I spent far too many years without writing a word and I never want to return to that place.

My goal is to upload anything new every Friday. This means, there will be some weeks that there will be no uploads; and other weeks where there will be a metric ton of uploads; much like this batch. I will add any author notes to my bio in this section. I can't stand the thought of uploading something with an author's note longer than the drabble.

I hope everyone enjoys. As always, reviews and constructive criticism are welcome. Flames will be fed to my pet dragon.

~* Flame

Chapters 18 - 27

This is probably going to be an epic story; and, I don't mean epic as a synonym for awesome.  The plan for this story is to start with our two favorite characters as children, go though the series, and continue beyond.  Of course, there will be a few minor tweaks here and there; but overall it should be fairly cannon.

It probably feels that Sesshoumaru is a bit OOC at the moment, but he is a child.  I like to think that his demeanor is more of a protection than a character trait.  Thanks to everyone that's read and reviewed so far!


Chapters 28-34

Not a lot this week; it's been busy.  Not much to say either.  I wanted to show a little of the give and take of friendship early on in their relationship.  I also have a plan for when Sesshie starts to view humans negatively, but that won't be for a while yet.

~* Flame

Chapters 35 - 41

So I've made a goal for myself for at least seven drabble chapters a week.  So far, I've been able to do so; which is nice.  It'll be even better if I can keep it up! It really shouldn't be an issue if you think about it.  I wrote far more each week when I was in school.

If you're like me, then some of Sesshie's thoughts might seem a little silly.  It was meant to be this way.  I remember trying to figure things out as a kid and coming up with the wildest of ideas.  Hopefully this won't turn too many people away.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback so far, I'm glad people are enjoying the story!


Chapters 42-62

I've been sick this week; which sucks.  By the time I finished the seven drabbles of my goal I got sucked in.  Note the latter posting time than normal.  Though, I'm proud of what was completed.  Hopefully one of the scenes isn't too dark.

Major thanks to BlasphemousOrder and Guest for letting me know about the duplicate chapter post on FF.Net!


Chapters 63-81

Another large dump of chapters this week! I'm hoping to have at least 100 before I reach the point where the anime begins.  I think it's completely feasible.  It would be nice to be at that point in the next week or so; but we'll see.  The opening scene from Movie 3 might take me longer than I anticipate.  Though, it will be a good indication on what I can expect for the bulk of the fic.

These drabbles show a major changing point with Sesshie's personality.  I'm hoping that this will help me keep him in character later on; which, is a difficulty of mine if my previous fics from 10+ years ago are any indication.  As the story is told in his POV it shouldn't be too difficult.  Anything that might seem OOC can be chalked up to internal thoughts.  How often do people say what they're thinking/feeling? I know I don't...except to my husband...poor thing.


Chapters 82-100

So, already reached the goal of 100 chapters before the start of the series.  Some of the chapters feel a little weaker than the others, but I feel like I finish out strong.  I'm debating if I want to incorporate the movies in with the series.  I did use the start of Movie 3 in this drabble dump; but I felt like it was important to have.  I suppose it would depend on if I can find decent scripts for the movies or not.  It would be fun to see the movies again; but not quite as fun to have to take detailed notes while doing so.


Chapters 101 - 112

So I think a new goal of 150 drabbles before the start of the series is a good number.  It shouldn't be too hard to reach.  I still need to cover the period of time where Sesshoumaru fights against the Panther Tribe.

Made a quick edit to chapter 100 since I apparently forgot how to structure a sentence before posting.  Sorry for the small grouping this week.  It's been a busy week.  I hope to have more for you next week to make up for it.


Chapters 113-141

So, not entirely sure what happened last week.  There was an error with FF.net where the upload when though but didn't register as an update.  So, please be sure to read drabbles 101-112 if you haven't already.  I've been debating changing my upload day to Saturday, but haven't decided just yet.  So, if I miss a Friday upload, you should see something the next day.

I really like the idea that Jaken has a greater destiny ahead of him.  I plan on using this idea as the foundation behind the reasoning for Sesshie treating Jaken the way he does in the series.  Yes, I get that he's comic relief, but Sesshie also never does anything without reason.


Chapters 142 – 173

Sorry for not posting last week. It was a crazy week and in the end I tuned into a basement troll until I finished reading the Annika Brisby series. I was hoping to have more drabbles than I do; but again, life intervenes.

Major shout out to KShadeslady for the assistance with wonder vs wander. I’ve gone back and fixed some of the previous drabbles. You rock!

As I was writing these, I started getting the feeling that I was moving a bit too fast. If anyone else feels this way, please let me know.


Chapters 174 - 200

Before I forget I wanted to give a big shout out and humble thanks to inusec.info. They have been a HUGE help with this fic even at such an early stage.  It is here that you can find scripts for all of the episodes; ones that are very well done.  When it comes to the scripts, I will mix both the ones they have provided as well as bits from the subs on Hulu.  I love that I have the option for this; especially since my old fan-subs of the series are far inferior.  I can't tell you how many times Sesshoumaru tells Inuyasha that he is dead pie on my DVDs.  -_-'

I also wanted to address the use of Lord Sesshoumaru opposed to Sesshoumaru-sama.  My first instinct is to use -sama, but as I was working with the scripts Lord slipped in by mistake.  Instead of going back and changing each drabble that has this; I've decided to keep using Lord instead of -sama.  Especially since this will change the word count.  It will be more of a challenge I think.  And, as you lean when you start to write a drabble for the first time; they're not as easy to write as they look.

It was recently inquired as to posting all the drabbles in each upload into one "chapter" instead of multiple.  I had thought of doing this at first.  I won't lie and say it isn't tempting since it would make uploading far easier; but, in the long run I've decided against that.  The inspirations in changing this story from a long chapter story into a drabble was a mixture of Forthright's Lord Charming and the FF.net app.  Not that the app helps any of the Dokuga readers.  I do understand the frustration with loading times between the drabbles; and yes, sometimes it might not be worth it.  This is the reason why I try to upload as many drabble chapters as I can each week.

I'm touched with all the feedback so far; and I can't wait for the next set of drabbles! I'm going to have as much fun writing them as you will reading them! Hope no one is too irritated and the tease in the last drabble. :p  It's only a tease since I need a bit of extra prep work to make things run a bit smoother.

~* Flame

Chapters 201 - 259

So huge update this week.  Sadly, not as large as I had originally hopped for.  But, on the bright side, since I didn't get to finish what I wanted to this week next week's update might be just as long.

Thanks again for all the reviews!


Chapters 260-282

It has been forever, and I'm sorry about that.  I have been so busy the last few weeks nearly everything has been put on the back burner.  But, that's real life.  Things happen and not everything can be accomplished as planned.  Which is why my posting schedule is a goal and not a promise.

I wanted to thank The Fuzzy Llama for the spelling assistance! Every so often I miss something in proofreading since my brain knew what it wanted to say, but other times they are legit spelling errors.  It really doesn't help to sound words out when you have an accent, even the most slight of one.  It is quite often that my T's and D's like to switch places.  Thank you for letting me know when this happens! I do go back and fix them.

Hope everyone enjoys; and I'll try and get back to the normal upload schedule goal next week.


Chapters 283 - 325

Finally! That took far longer than I thought it would.  I played around with the tone for when Sesshie is a puppy.  Some of my favorite fan fics are where Sesshie's inner demon has a voice that he can hear.  Yes, it makes him sound a little crazy, but I love how the two are so different.  I used that as inspiration.  No, Sesshie doesn't hear the voice of his inner demon, but the beast thinks differently.  I tried to reflect that in the drabbles.

I bring up the fact that Inuyasha and Kagome ignore Sesshie quite often during this fight.  It honestly never made much sense to me.  If Sesshie was serious about killing Inuyasha or taking Tessaiga he had every opportunity to do so when they were distracted.  I understand that this is most likely for the audience; but, I'd rather not break the fourth wall.


Chapters 326 - 334

So a small update this week since I've been busy and distracted.  Not much to say about this update.  The confrontation between Kagome and Sesshie in the dream realm feels like is leaves off in an odd place; so I'll do everything in my power to have even a small update next week.  Sorry if all the multiple updates at once are obnoxious, sometimes I forget that not all email accounts will condense emails titled the same into one.



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