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I won third place Im so happy!!!!!!! ^_^

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SessKag: Forever
  • SessKag: Forever
  • Category: Fanart
SessKag: Aristocrat and Miko
  • SessKag: Aristocrat and Miko
  • Category: Fanart

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Conundrum sketch
Journey to the Future Cover WIP 2
  • Journey to the Future Cover WIP 2
  • Author: FaeHime
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BTWFT Sketch
Simple Kag/Sess
The Tea Cup Prank
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Kagome Yuki Niwa

Created On: 04/17/2012 18:10:15

Will you ever color: SessKag: Aristocrat and Miko?
It's so friggin' pretty! Everytie I across it I freak out and fan girl squeal like a nerd.


Boston, MA
Created On: 07/18/2011 10:58:05


I logged on to my email yesterday and I was bombarded with your reviews. Each one made me happier and happier. For a while I had truly thought I had lost you along the story and I was wicked sad by that thought! But then you came back with vengeance and I was quite literally jumping up and down as I read each review (seriously I think my fiance is worried). You were one of the first here on Dokuga that began showing me support and I am forever thankful for that! You always have something wonderful to say and I love how you share your thoughts. So once again, Thank you for your continued support of my stories and I wish you all the best in the world.


Feedback from Kagome-Miko-207: Its nice to hear that my commentary is appreciated. Also Im happy to hear that my words bring happiness to you. I might disappear every now and then due to lost internet connection and something or another, but I'll always come back. =D


One of your biggest fans


Created On: 06/13/2011 20:13:53

Thank you so much for the reviews on Firangi!
It looks like you started reading at the right time, because I think I updated right after I got your second review ahah! I'm glad I could interest you. It's different, and I hope to keep it that way as well as keeping itrefreshing! Thank you!

Riku Ryuu

Created On: 04/27/2011 04:45:46

Thanks so much for your review of "Wing"! Your comment about not having read something quite like it makes me happy no matter what you mean. I love to be different!
Feedback from Kagome-Miko-207: lol no problem, I really liked it. C= Really looking forward to ur next update.


Created On: 04/13/2010 00:13:47

Thank you for the review on "A Feline Fiasco".
I'm trying my best with characterization. I'm a bit out of practice when it comes to writing fanfiction. lol

- CA
Feedback from Kagome-Miko-207: Oh no worries ur story is good. Dying for the update.
Oh something i forgot to mention i love how u incorporated the feel of er miko powers in the story. cant wait to see how he finds out, it surely will be exciting.........

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