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Moonlight Silk

Created On: 11/25/2016 20:14:15

Thank you so much for the review on MBSL, I will definitely update quicker next time around. Won't keep you hanging for long.

Sesshomaru's Secret Admirer

Created On: 03/16/2015 18:37:08

Thank you for your review on "His Milestones". You had me laughing when you said that you read all my other works and noticed that I always make Sesshomaru suffer. Well, it's true. I don't know why....but I like to have the male character suffer and write from their perspective more.
I am glad to read that you are curious to know more~ and I am eager to share with you the answers
Thank you for reading and for your support! Your words are so kind!

Shelby Lee

Created On: 03/12/2015 18:36:11
Edited By Shelby Lee On: 03/12/2015 18:38:33

Oh First to comment hahah. Thank you for the Review, I am glad you are enjoying my story "Don't Forget Me"
Much Love!

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