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   ... Random stuff about moi.. 

           Yeah i'd post a pic of me here but..well how do I know there isn't some crazy person out there;some where..stupid I know but this is the internet! Undecided

     Real Name: June! (yes just like the month-very original of my parents eh? I'm just glad I wasn't born on a tuesday;now that would have been bloody dissasterous...can you imagine)

    Name meaning: June - In japanese june pronounced the way it's written in english means Honest,Sincere,Truth(though my name is written in hiragana-not in kanji so that it's not masculine-though the best way to explain it is like having a unisex name..just that it's more common for boys)Not to be mistaken for the alternate pronunciation of june(juu-neh)If you know what yaoi is then you'll understan why the E is dropped from my name when I write it in romaji (FYI- in japan JUNE is a well know yaoi publishing company so you can see why I drop the E)LOL

   Oh before I start anything i'm soo excited!! I'm starting uni next week!!!On the 31st i'm officially a student! I can't wait!! My dad and I have finally moved some of my junk into the flat i'm going to be sharing with some flat-mates!!(yes..i know none of you care and i'm probably boring you lot..but i'm sooo excited!! I can't wait for school to start! Bet you 20£ I won't be saying that after I get swamped with HW!! )

 Hair- Jet black (saddly no more streaks i'm going Au natural these days *tear*)

 Sign- Virgo

    Age-17 (soon to be 18 on August 29-Yey!..yes I know..i know i've gotten some greef cause I didn't bother to check the age I posted here-I just copied and pasted from my old account on ...I didn't even realize the mistake until I got an email today..*embarassed smile*  Well..I'm taking the time to update it now..Sorry i've been sorta of a flake when it comes to updating my profile but I never really figured anyone read this stuff..i'm kinda of a boring anywho I'm excited I'm turning the big 1 *8 on saturday! I can't wait!!! ^_^)


    I'm half Japanese,part English and some spanish in there...

Languages Spoken: English duh ,Japanese(though I'm rubish at writing it-there's just too much to remember-who needs More that a hundred characters!?),Spanish(fluent in it i'm proud to say!and can write it too-not well mind you but you get the general idea of what i'm trying to write)

 Fav. colour: Green (cause it rox is all)

Fav. Sport: It's a tie between squash and running(wait is running a sport?)

Ok errmm..if you wanna know anything else mess. me and i'll get back to ya ASAP! =^.^=

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Created On: 07/23/2009 06:32:23

Thanks for the review! I'll post the next chapter as soon as I can!


Created On: 06/13/2009 08:59:21

Thanks for your review on Someone To Protect. I really appreciate it ^^


Created On: 06/09/2009 03:34:23
Edited By Sailor_Saturn_415 On: 06/09/2009 03:35:27

I love your pen name!!! I'm in LOVE with the Tenth Doctor!!! Ok, and the TARDIS!!! I haven't seen Tennant in any other roll, so I can't honestly say I love him as well. Screw it! I love David Tennant too!!!


Created On: 06/01/2009 17:46:17

Thank you for your review on Ultimate sacrifice! Glad you like it! Chapter 2 is up. Feel free to R&R

Miss Kagura

Created On: 05/26/2009 10:01:24

Thank you for your review on 'Mokomoko Plus Miko!'


Created On: 01/05/2009 00:42:25

Thank you for your wonderful review in "To Call Your True Mate"!! Haha--You'll just have to wait and see what happens next...xD..I'll try and update it soon, But even I have to wait until the lj community this fic is for announces the next theme....

HEY--I'm your first one to sign your comment book!!!! Ha--I'm stealing you as a friend!...)do you mind?)

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