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This is kinda late... but thank you soo much to MontiK, Smittee and DestinysTears for their nominations. I don't really check the message boards, but I guess I'll be doing so more often. And I am very glad that I can inspire amazing fic writers to create even better chappies with each new update.  Tongueout


Thanks for letting me use this Theia!


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Created On: 05/12/2012 19:07:52

Hi WhiteRose,

Thank you for reading and reviewing my story Fateful Meetings. It's super nice to see a long and insightful review. Haha I do plan on answering most of the questions you posed. Though I'm still crazy busy so updating will be sparse as usual. Thanks again!

~ Jessica


Created On: 06/07/2010 14:53:44

Well, Amaterasu is certainly having a good time dumping it all in Kagome's lap and letting her deal with it... she's such a prankster. Although... there's limits to that ones patience...




Created On: 03/20/2010 21:40:02

Great guess! But it's not Naraku. It is, however, another canon universe villain. Keep guessing!



Created On: 03/06/2010 05:35:07

Thank you for your always motivating reviews Kurama! I just love yours!

To answer one of your questions: The elders like Kags as Sess' mate, and part of it because she is able to give birth to powerful heirs. So they didn't see her as only a tool, but as the perfect mate for their Lord.

Spoiler for you: Sango, Miroku, Shippou will be on the next chapter ^^

Thanks again for the great review Kurama! Love it!



Created On: 02/23/2010 17:03:15

lol its funny how many questions I get from this story, but I guess I designed it that way, but I only intended to do the story for the Dokuga child`s play contest. The next chapter is the last one. I have no more prompts after that. I guess I could try to answer as many as possible in the next chapter, but the story behind Tenshi`s friend is a long one. With this site being dedicated to Sesshomaru and Kagome I would feel bad if I put up a story almost entirely about their son.

Quiet Whisper

Created On: 02/19/2010 04:37:40
Edited By Quiet Whisper On: 02/19/2010 04:38:16

Hey thanks for the review! As for your questions, yes Sesshomaru can still see her, his mate is going to be an OC, and unfortunately it's for the story that he does this, Kagome's one tough cookie, don't worry she'll be alright, and thanks I'm hoping to get another chapter up soon!

Aimee Blue

Created On: 02/01/2010 02:14:08

Thanks for reviewing Strike a Pose, i looked over what you said, seems my crazy word processor automatically changes Yura into Yuka because it's more familiar with Yuka or something... seriously i remembered to go back and undo auto-format the first few times but then i forgot *sigh* Thanks for pointing it out!


Created On: 01/28/2010 15:41:29

Thanks for reviewing The Syndrome.

Yeah, Bank's father is dead. If the go back to the chapter when Kagome's father dies, his mother mentions it. He died when Bank and Jak were little. And yes, if Kagome and Sesshoumaru have babies, they'd be like Bank and Jak, with both sets of powers but no aura of either.


Created On: 01/27/2010 15:54:56

Thanks for the review. And you assume correctly. Considering a miko in the series can be tainted and still use her powers, I don't usually write about them having to be 'pure'. *noddles. Just my opinion though, and there are plenty of theories they can make points otherwise.

Created On: 01/11/2010 22:59:21
Edited By Zadea On: 01/11/2010 22:59:37

Hi WhiteRose-Kurama,

Thanks for reviewing! The questions you're asking are things I want you to think about. The answers will be in the coming chapters so you'll have to keep reading to find out

Thanks for the encouragement. I hope to update soon, please keep reading and letting me know your thoughts.


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