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It's good to be among so many talented people. Among many other things I'm a writer and an avid reader. Fan Fiction is my guilty pleasure. I love Inuyasha and SessKag is my favorite ship. I tend to ship opposites that attract. I'm also fond of Labyrinth, Harry Potter and Avatar The Last Airbender.

My volume of work includes published articles and several pieces of original fiction. I haven't tried my hand at Fan Fiction, and probably won't until I find inspiration for a new angle on the canon universe. I dabble in art as well, and eventually I may try my hand at a few pieces.

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Name Entry

Created On: 02/06/2017 14:35:23

Thank you for your kind review on Miscellany!

That is indeed some good imagery. Poor Kagome!

In the course of a chapter story, of course, Sesshoumaru would probably have chances to pick up some emotional intelligence and develop his social skills a bit more, I believe those would aid him greatly in the courting process..


Created On: 11/24/2016 22:30:25

Thank you for your review on Inevitability! I hope you enjoy the reveals in the newest chapter!


Created On: 10/21/2016 19:55:47

Yes! No weird lab for Raya! Thanks for reading and for the review!

Vixeria Snow

Created On: 09/21/2016 20:58:41

Lol! Thank you for your review on my story Revolving Around Water! Sorry for such a late reply, I've been wanting to reply for a while now, but due to lack of internet, it's a bit tough to be able to answer to everyone.

Thanks again for your review! I actually learned a new vocabulary word thanks to you. X3


Created On: 04/17/2016 05:40:00

Thank you for your lovely reviews and support, I'm glad you liked the ending!
I hope that The Shikon and the Miko will prove to be enjoyable during your re-read as well!


Created On: 03/23/2016 17:40:54

Thank you so much for your kind reviews on both Miscellany and The Shikon and the Miko! Your comments are always so lovely and bring a smile to my face. So thank you for all you generous compliments!


Created On: 03/09/2016 13:39:45

Thank you so much for your review of Inevitability! It's really nice to be back; Dokuga is such a great community I hope you enjoy what comes next!



Created On: 03/04/2016 17:59:33


Thanks for another review for Kindred Spirits! You've actually hit the nail on the head there with your observation. Kagome's sensitivity toward the idea of hunting will be addressed in the beginning of Ch. 5. I didn't include it in the previous chapter because I wanted to put an ending point somewhere with all of the drama going on. I'm not sure if my explanation will quell your irritation on the matter, but be sure to let me know what you think!

By the way, the newest chapter for the next update is finished, but it won't be posted until I'm at least 50% done with Ch. 6. So, I hope you look forward to that!


Created On: 02/17/2016 04:04:59

Hello again!

Thank you for your note for Birds of a Feather! Things are heating up for our favorite pair, and the two are becoming even closer. I find it funny that my Sesshoumaru is the one encouraging their relationship. I guess the dog just loves the attention.

R.M. Ravenswift

Created On: 02/16/2016 21:29:11

Hey there!
Thanks for the review for my story, Mischief Managed! The plot is slowly unraveling and I hope to keep your attention It is wonderful hearing feedback from readers and I get giggly when I see a new review! Look for a new chapter coming soon!

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