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Moonlight Silk

Created On: 11/09/2015 23:11:50

Thanks for the wonderful review. Kagome will have to think this one through very carefully, not only because both brothers and her mother made mistake and had lied to her. When her memories return that will be a deciding factor in any decision she makes.


Created On: 11/05/2015 02:50:52

Thanks Debra for another awesome review I'm really happy you enjoyed the dynamics between the pair. i have a lot in store for them and im going to have a hell of a lot of fun poking the dragon so to speak i thought throwing a jealous kagura in there would make things interesting lol. and thanks for your well wishes xx

Moonlight Silk

Created On: 09/26/2015 10:32:53

Thanks for reviewing MBSL.


Created On: 09/18/2015 08:13:00

Thanks again for another awesome review on Threads of Destiny.

Haha! you are fairly correct in what happens in the reunion and I love that! lol. I have been struggling with it for the past week and I'm sure I'll struggle some more before I post it though

i did contemplate having Kouga question her and i went over this chapter so many times fighting myself on what i should do with him but in the end I felt it was a bit OC as I feel Kouga was always a bit oblivious to Kagome's emotions. He never really pressed her for answers. I find he's got a bit of a one track mind. Something I do hope to explore as I absolutely love Kouga and i want to pry him apart. he was always dropping in and out so quickly that eventually i hope to have him linger a bit longer. I've been rewatching the show again and i watched the scene with Kikyo's final goodbye the other day and found even then would have been the perfect time for him to comfort Kagome but he was still a bit aloof, so i tried to stick to that for now.

Im glad you enjoyed the chapter nevertheless though.
Feedback from Debra: You know I just thought of something else. Rin will probably be more than happy to tell them that her Dear and Wonderful Sesshoumaru-sama brought Kagome back to life with his sword. Since she already assured Kagome that she was with Sesshoumaru-sama and wouldn't have to worry now.


Created On: 09/15/2015 06:19:57
Edited By Channy On: 09/15/2015 06:22:33

i was always disappointed that kagome never progressed further than she did and although i feel sesshomaru will be a hard teacher, i think he will be a good one regardless. she can be the bad ass shes capable of beings

and yeah he's looking after her and he doesnt even know it!

Thanks again for another review too.


Created On: 09/13/2015 23:08:46

Thanks so much for your review on 'threads of destiny', I am glad you like it so far. she most certainly does need space from him. Even Kagome as forgiving as she is, would need to take time out after an ordeal like that. as for naraku, only time would tell.

Moonlight Silk

Created On: 09/10/2015 19:36:59

Thank you so much for reviewing MBSL. I am pleased that you liked my writing.


Created On: 04/20/2015 11:42:36

Thank you for reviewing from a table away! I'm glad That you decided to peak back in after the first time, stuffs been going on! hahah anyways though I hope you stick around to find out more!

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