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Tsuki Hime

Created On: 05/07/2016 22:35:53

Thank you so much for reviewing my story, Her Inevitable Destiny!
I'm glad you like it!

Park Yoon Na

Created On: 05/01/2016 01:50:44

Thank you for your previous reviews on my story "it can't be over" I hope you enjoy the newest chapter


Created On: 10/27/2015 14:18:07


I actually recently wrote Liberation. It is not a completely true story, but bits and pieces are parts from true stories. For example, Sesshomaru surviving the blast is based on a man who survived both bomb droppings ( what luck!) The love story, is based on two survivors who found each other the days after liberation. If you enjoy stories like that, I suggest you read Schindler's Legacy by Elinor J. Brecher. Its a really good read, and the stories are very heartwarming and moving.



Created On: 09/20/2015 15:46:11
Edited By Scar On: 09/20/2015 15:46:32


I'm so glad you like Blind Love so far!! I hope you continue to enjoy it as it's posted.



Created On: 08/02/2015 11:30:32

Thank you for taking the time to read and review "Throw Stones." For someone having been in a similar situation, I feel it is my duty to inform others in the same situation that they have a choice. Thanks again!

Moonlight Silk

Created On: 07/26/2015 00:38:43
Edited By Moonlight Silk On: 07/28/2015 17:02:47

Of course Kagome is out of character, she has lost her memories. One more chapter to go before Inuyasha returns. Thanks for reviewing MBSL!

Miss Elinor

Created On: 07/23/2015 10:25:48
Edited By Miss Elinor On: 07/23/2015 10:25:57

Thanks for the review! I'm glad you like The Ward ) I hope I can keep you interest for sure!

Thanks for reading!

Moonlight Silk

Created On: 06/29/2015 01:16:31

Thanks for the review on MBSL. Glad I could bring you some juicy drama.


Created On: 06/26/2015 22:21:19

Thank you for your review to "Blue Eyes..." I'm glad that the story was able to make you feel happier and that you enjoyed it.

Stella Mira

Created On: 05/23/2015 15:27:08

Aww. Thank you so much for your lovely review!
I'm so glad you liked Sesshomaru's perspective! And deliriously happy that you're loving the writing style!

Update should come soon.


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