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Ok......My name is Monica and I'm 16 years old. I'm in high school (duh) and live in Newark,NJ (I hate it here). Moved here about 3 or 4  summers ago. I have an older brother and 3 little brothers, 1 older stepbrother, 1 little stepsister and a little sister.

I play basketball, like reading,drawing,writing, and live for music (almost any kind). I'm a big anime and manga fan,a yaoi fan as well. My favorite yaoi pairing is Gaara and Naurto.

I really like the idea of Sesshoumaru and Kagome together I think its because its like a forbidden love thing or something like that, even so I read their fanfiction more then write.

I'm not into the other pairs like inu/kag (even thought it would make sense them being together in all)

rin/sess ( i see Sesshoumaru as more of a father to her)

I also watch Naruto, Witchblade (even though the ending is so stupid), Death Note, Blood+,Blood,Black lagoon,Bleach, theres more.....Fruit Bastket.....There a lot more..........but I don't feel like writing them all



My Chemical Rmance,Bullet For My Valentine, Jimmy Eat World,Linkin park,Underoath,Silverstein,Metro Station,Foo Fighters,Matchbook Romance,Poison the Well,I Would Set Myself on Fire For You,Death Cab for Cutie, Elliott Smith,Blink 182, Within Temptation,HIM,Kamelot,KoRn,Tegan and Sara,Paramore,Madonna ,Pink,Jon McLaughlin, Flyleaf,seether,Lloyd ,CobraStarship,Eve,Eminem,Cascada,UVERworld,Arashi,HYDE, 30 Seconds to mars,Matchbox 20,LiL Wayne, 50 cent, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, The Game, Snoop Dogg, MJB,Ne-Yo.The Killers,Young Jeezy, Nas, Nightwish, Panic at the Disco, 2pac,Serani, Ludacris,MIA,Pink, Lady GaGa, Nelly Furtado,Jinn,Good Chalotte,U2,Santagold,Rupee, Daughtry, Eminem, Dido, Lloyd,Razah,Chris Brown, Evanescence, Estelle, Leona Lewis, Drake, Black Eyed Peas, Anna Nalick............theres so much

OH...and isn't pic of Gaara HOT

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He's so unkind.We shall die together me and my unkind lover. -i posted dis on single spark a while bac i chaged my name from forever to sinless
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