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Hey everyone, I'm Tiffany! I live in Scottsdale, Arizona and I'm the first generation to be born in America. I'm pretty much fully European. (Italian, Czech, Slovak, Greek, German, Yugoslavian, etc.) I am a very lovable, fun person to be around and always try my best to make someone smile when they're down. I usually don't care what people think of me and do my own thing. I'm not really into dating, although I have an overly friendly personality that most people mistake for flirting. I probably have more guy friends than I do girls. I'm a total night person. My mother calls me nocturnal because I sleep all day summer and weekends and am awake all night. I like to party and have a good time. I come from a pretty complicated family. My parents divorced near my third birthday. I have one older sister, 2year old half brother and an 18 year old step brother. Enough about my boring personal life, it's time to talk Inuyasha ;p


The first anime I ever watched was Inuyasha. My step brother, Dimitris, showed it to me when I was over at him place a few years ago. I immidiately fell in love with the show. I've been an Inuyasha/Kagome fan for the longest time, but switched to Sesshomaru/Kagome a while back. Let's face it, Sesshomaru's sexy, confident, and dangerous. What girl wouldn't want a piece of that? ;) hahaa. I usually only read completed stories unless an uncompleted one really catches my attention. Let me know if you find any good, finished Sesshomaru/Kagome stories, okay?

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“Have you ever felt betrayed?” I whispered. “I could name a time or two, yes.” “Have you ever dealt with an alcoholic?” “...That I have not.” Snorting ungracefully, I shifted uncomfortably in my chair. “Lucky you.” “A friend of yours?” “You could say that.”
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Created On: 06/17/2010 19:40:21

Hello! Thank you for your review. I've been updating mostly every day, sometimes every other day. But I can email you when I update. Again thank you for the review!


Created On: 06/10/2009 00:15:21

Heyyyyy, you remember me?

We met on FanLib last year, and I had to leave it, unexpectedly. I was pissed at my mom cuz she wouldn't let me back on, cuz she thought you all were crazy. -_-**

Anywho, I didn't know you were on this site until i looked at someone's profile and saw you!!! I was like, WHOA! Lol.

Nice to see you again.



P.s. ues, I STILL have the same profile name. On, like, almost every fansite. No joke. Lol.

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