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Hey there! Been reading on this site since....forever; so i finally decided to join. One would think that after high school one would outgrow this sort of thing; but 1 husband and 3 kids later i realized otherwise. Anyway, i'm just here to bask in all the smutty fiction glory, MWAHAHAHAHA. See ya!

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Kagome is once again is betrayed by Inuyasha. Will Sesshoumaru,who's still a stoic demon that hates humans,pick up the broken pieces of Kagome's heart,will love blossom between the two or will nothing but hatred result?Lemons later on.Please review!
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Canon  -  Status: Incomplete  -  Category: Chapter Stories  -  Created: 24 May 2013  -  Updated: 07 Mar 2015
Genre: Action, Erotica, Friendship, Romance  -  Chapters: 13  -  Reviews: 31  -  Words: 43,190  -  Reads: 23,367
Oneshot with Kagome being the student and Sesshoumaru the teacher. Lemony flavored fic. Enjoy!
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Complete  -  Category: Oneshots  -  Created: 23 May 2013  -  Updated: 23 May 2013
Genre: Erotica, Humor, Romance  -  Chapters: 1  -  Reviews: 5  -  Words: 3,947  -  Reads: 8,127
Oneshot with a naughty student and a teacher who needs to discipline her. Lemon flavored. Beware.
Rating: MA  -  Universe: Alternate  -  Status: Complete  -  Category: Oneshots  -  Created: 25 May 2013  -  Updated: 25 May 2013
Genre: Erotica, Romance  -  Chapters: 1  -  Reviews: 3  -  Words: 2,932  -  Reads: 20,367


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Created On: 05/08/2013 13:53:02

Thank you so much for your encouraging review! Not many people like to review so it's always a delight when someone takes the time to tell me what they think :3 If you like smut I have seven oneshots in my story A Smell So Sweet. It's a smut oneshot collection for Stella's Spicey Challenge.

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