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06/20/2019 03:20:56Re:Looking for an MA ficSearching for a Fic...514
05/29/2019 17:38:40Re:Name pleaseSearching for a Fic...374
05/29/2019 05:35:05Name pleaseSearching for a Fic...374
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05/17/2019 05:05:55Re:Sorry To Be A Bother... Again... So Soon...Searching for a Fic...449
05/15/2019 19:18:21Re:Fic where Kagome leaves to train?Searching for a Fic...387
05/15/2019 00:39:25Re:Fic where Kagome leaves to train?Searching for a Fic...387
03/25/2019 06:25:51Re:Kagome is the reborn goddess os springSearching for a Fic...387
03/24/2019 17:14:55Re:Kagome is the reborn goddess os springSearching for a Fic...387
03/14/2019 17:00:30Re:Where Oh Where is the StorySearching for a Fic...378
03/03/2019 16:59:10Re:looking for fanfictionSearching for a Fic...1020
11/11/2018 16:33:11Re:Looking for a storySearching for a Fic...739
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10/25/2018 04:05:41Re:Looking for a StorySearching for a Fic...2267
10/24/2018 19:34:17Re:Looking for a StorySearching for a Fic...2267
10/01/2018 17:30:50Re:2 OTHER FICS IM LOOKING FOR PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!Searching for a Fic...908
08/10/2018 20:05:09Re:Help, been searching for weeksSearching for a Fic...1252
07/28/2018 01:56:45Re:Kagome and Sesshomaru meet in secret - have sexSearching for a Fic...1084
07/05/2018 17:41:07Re:3 stories neededSearching for a Fic...1344
07/05/2018 04:44:06Re:please help... lost fic on the looseSearching for a Fic...758

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Created On: 06/24/2010 12:24:49

And all those questions will be answered in the third and final chapter, I promise!



Created On: 06/15/2010 20:20:18

And there is - this is a three-shot, so there are two more chapters of comparable length. Thanks for reviewing - I'm glad you liked it!


Angelic Memories

angelic memories
Created On: 07/15/2009 09:42:48

Hello there!

Thanks for the review. I am happy to hear you're enjoying the story. And you are write, I have a tendency to type fast and not all my errors are picked up by me and my beta, hopefully I can change that though.


Created On: 05/26/2009 17:29:07

Hi, welcome new pereson! I'm Liz How are you?

LC Rose

LC Rose
Created On: 04/25/2009 07:44:37

HA! LC gets to pop your comment cherry!! YEAH!!!

Anyhoo, just wanted to "pop" in and say thank you again for sending me that fic. I was so lost without having it available to reading (even if it is unfinished...and at the worst possible moment...grr)

*please hold while LC deals with her inner hentai demons*

Thank you so very, very much, hon!!

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