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Created On: 03/21/2019 21:28:10

I'm very happy that the newest chapter was enjoyable to you! As promised, I never intended to create any on-going rift between any characters. There will still be some angst, but no hate. No need to apologize for your reviews, either! I enjoy reading them!


Created On: 01/03/2019 00:48:02

No offense was taken at all! As I said, it made me smile because you inadvertently knew exactly where I am going with this story. I also just wanted to eliminate any worries about character bashing. I cringe when I see character bashing in fics, so there's no worries about me doing such.


Created On: 01/01/2019 16:45:32

Thank you for your input in your review on A Walk in the Park. I ask that you be patient and bear with me and understand that what I write does not reflect my opinion. I had to smile at your review because you got a bit of ahead of my story as what you said is a key point that is coming up soon. Without spoiling anything I can assure you that there will be no character bashing and no on-going whiny Kagome. No worries!
Feedback from ashuhhleey: I'm sorry if I came out too harsh with my comment. I was just giving my opinion on what I think of the whole thing. I hope I didn't offend you, it was not my intention.


Created On: 12/31/2018 16:24:34

I'm pleased to know that you enjoyed the first chapter of A Walk in the Park. Thank you for reviewing. It was encouraging, for me!

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