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Hi There~

well this is the first time I'm writing here... never wrote because I didn't have much to say... I'm a shy kind of person when it comes to introducing myself and though it is the internet and I can come across as whatever I want I'm not that kind of person thus telling more about me to a lot of strangers is hard.

so what brought  the change? well I think after 2 years I SHOULD give SOMETHING and we are not that much of strangers anymore... I mean you watching my art and my profile means that on some level you do know me.


My name is Inbal (the meaning behind my name is bell - yes it is my real name)

I was first introduced to Sesskag pairing on FFNet -I saw this story about them and read and fell inlove.. and I know the pairing is different on the manga and I still love the manga and how it ended; Rumiko Takahashi is AWESOME in her creativity..

but there is something in the possibility of Sesskag that attracts me.

and what story I read that made me like that you ask? here I wonder if you'll be surprised :) ->

you are invited to check out my profile at DA --

love for you to comment on my other art


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Created On: 10/27/2009 20:26:56

Hi there
Welcome to Dokuga.

Your art is really good, it's very realistic, like i said on one of my comments thats no something we see often. your style is different and im sure it'll be very well liked here ^_^

I look forward to seeing more of your work.


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