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Knight of Disorder

Created On: 06/10/2014 20:27:40

I had considered working on it again but I'm not sure where it's going anymore.
Feedback from Paperwing: =( Well hopefully the muses will come to you again!


Created On: 03/08/2013 04:11:16

~~Lol well sadly I am done with updating 'Death Becomes Her' for the night, but there will be more soon! ^__^ Sadly, it's about to get a little more difficult for poor Kagome...Thanks for reviewing!
Feedback from Paperwing: No problem!


Created On: 05/08/2012 15:43:38

Thank you for reviewing Kagome Doll and as of right now, I don't have any plans to continue Demon Park, but I do have one more one-shot planned to finish up the collection.
Feedback from Paperwing: Thanks for replying, and I'd love to read it when you do post it!


Created On: 05/08/2012 15:39:18

Thank you for reviewing Fang's Master and I will finish this story eventually, I promise. I'm actually working on the next chapter, hopefully I will be able to finish it soon and get it posted.
Feedback from Paperwing: Yay! I'll definitely read it when it's posted!

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