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'Round these parts, call me Cat.

I like Cat.

I'm constantly drawing in different styles, so expect inconsistency here.

I was raised on Iron Maiden and I listen to Chevelle like it's crack.

My favorite people right now are Claude Delangle and Tom Hiddleston.

Sometimes I just asdkdfghasdfajskdasdfjasdas

I love Steven Moffat's shows on telly so much that I hate his guts.

Yes, I'm a musician. Don't ask what instrument I play unless you want to be here for a while.

Check for non-sesskag drawings.

Thanks for your time.

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The Cat's Favorite Pyjamas


Welcome to Cat's hovel! Here you'll find a little bit of everything.

About my art:

People ask me weird questions so I'm going to try to knock them out of the way really fast with the power of CTRL+V. *Goes to blog, copies rules, pastes, edits*

Yes, I take requests!

However, don't get mad if it takes a while to complete/isn't what you were expecting! You can't expect it to be perfect if you're not paying for it!

*IMPORTANT!* If you ever see my art on DeviantART, please report it! I am not uploading on there!  I don't want to see Un-Charming or anything else on there!

As for using my art, feel free to use it for whatever you want, as stock/banner stuff/layouts/etc. I don't mind if you don't credit me since I don't feel like being super popular, just do not say you drew my stuff yourself! Don't make it look like you're Cat, because only Cat can be Cat!

If you're copying my work for practice and feel like uploading it onto any website, please give me credit in this situation or at least say that the work is copied. I don't like it when people rip off a famous fanart or manga and talk about how creative they were for making it. A girl got 3 of her pieces showcased at the town's art show this year when all she did was copy out of Maid-Sama and Tales of Symphonia. It was soooo infuriating! Copying should be for practice, otherwise, try to be original please, for everyone's sake...

Situations where you do not have to give me credit include making HTML layouts/facebook layouts/banners/etc., using my stuff as stock images for icons/banners/screenshots, posting on your blog, general decorational stuff...though it is always nice to get credit I understand that sometimes it's hard to find space. Besides, if things spread around like my Sherlock fanart does at the school, then I don't wanna be popular! D: Popular is scary...

Never ever EVER in any situation should you use my work to make money without my permission. No mugs with Kagome's face on it, no shirts with my quotes on it, no prints, nothing like that! No no no!

Tools of the Trade:

I use photoshop cs5 for almost everything I do. It's my baby.

I'm incredibly lazy though so most everything I draw will look incredibly sketchy and uncolored.

What I do:

Un-Charming is a cute little comic I plan on uploading on here soon. I want to update this as much as possible, so hopefully expect weekly updates. 8D It's based on Disney movies, only with a bit of a twist!

Summary: Sesshoumaru is the only eligible prince around who's not a total freak, so it's up to Kagome to get his attention in the way only a Disney princess can! Surely, by following the steps to be a proper Disney princess, she can win love at first sight and live out her storybook ending! However, either she's a terrible princess or Sesshoumaru is the worst Prince Charming in history. Following the adventures of a princess and her Prince Un-Charming!

I will be updating as pages are complete, which means sometimes there might be a bit of a wait. I was going to do it in Disney style, but I found my own style to be far more comfortable to do the job so enjoy it. (just to keep people from getting mad or claiming plagiarism, my inspirations are Pika-La-Cynique on Deviantart, Miyazaki movies, and Tim Burton. That's how I rolllll)


Soo, if you ever feel like saying hi, feel free to do so! I love friends! Oh, and if you have hate mail, I love that too! I can out-troll any troll, any day, so just TRY me, trolls!

Anyway, that's about it! Have a SUPER AWESOME day!


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