Heart’s Desire by SilverInu93

Chapter 1

Everything was normal, or as normal as it could get in the life of freshmen college students whom were getting settled into the dorms of Tokyo university; but for Kagome it was the best year of her life because she got to move in with her three best friends, and one of them she had, had a crush on since she met him and she had a feeling he was going to ask her out soon.

“Kagome get a move on or you’re going to get left behind again.”

“…… Hey! Wait up don’t leave me back here!”

“That’s your fault. If you hadn’t been day dreaming you wouldn’t have been left behind,” Sango teased as she watched Kagome, a vibrant blue eyed, wavy raven haired friend came running toward her with a huge smile.

“So, Sango have you decided on what your major is or are you still debating like me?”

“I have narrowed it down to two different majors since my ancestors were demon slayers; so either a detective or yokai historian. For now I’m taking classes for both majors. Who knows if some of the information might just be useful sometime in the future for one of the two?”

“I can see where you are going with that and that is not such a bad idea. I will see if I will find my major. My mom its thinking I should become a pediatrician, neonatal nurse, or a teacher, all sound like good idea to me so taking a few classes in those areas wouldn’t hurt.”

“It never killed anyone to do that. If it did, it would be a first for me to hear about… so let’s get our stuff unpacked because I don’t want to be way into the night getting my stuff unpacked and be late for my first day of classes tomorrow.”

Kagome gave a nod as she walked into the dorm room with a huge grin on her face as she saw Miroku and Inuyasha trying to get their stuff into the room on the left, leaving the room to the right for them.

“Hi, Miroku; hi, Inuyasha, getting settled in I see, has our stuff been brought up yet?”

“Why yes, Lady Kagome, yours and the lovely Sango’s stuff was placed in the room. I also would not mind helping you unpack your clothes.”

Kagome, Sango and Inuyasha turned to look at the so called ‘monk’ like he was crazy. Kagome’s face turned bright red as did Sango’s but it was Inuyasha who took action and brought his fist down on the monk’s head with hard whack.

“Damn it, Miroku, can you not contain your perversion for an hour?!”

“I can’t help it, my friend. It’s all because of such fine and enticing beauties that stand before me,” Miroku answered as he scratched the back of his head.

“You have been that way since grade school when you snuck into the girl’s locker room,” Sango bit out as she looked at the monk.

“HE DID WHAT!! I’m so locking the bathroom and my room when I must bathe or change clothes. I am so not wanting a peeping tom.”

“What surprises me, Kagome is that he has not been arrested for that and groping girls’ bottoms,” Inuyasha pointed out. Kagome’s blue eyes went wide in shock before she turned and faced him.

“You better not try that with me,” Kagome warned as she gave Miroku a glare that said ‘I will make sure you will not have kids with any woman you might marry’.

Miroku took a step back with his hands up in surrender before watching the two girls vanish in to their room.

“I think I just saw my life flash before my eyes.”

“Not my problem, monk, you thought Sango was bad after you groped her butt but do it to Kagome and you might end up in a hospital when she is through.”

“Lady Kagome does not seem to be a violent person.”

“That, monk, is because no one has had a reason to see that side of her.”

Inuyasha almost fell over in a fit of laughter seeing his friend turning pale from fear at the falsehood of his words. Shaking his head Inuyasha walked off back to his room.

“So Sango when are you and Miroku going to get together, I know you like him?”

“WHAT! Have you lost your marbles?! I would never date that pervert. He would be unfaithful to me.”

“Really, Sango you don’t really know unless you check and see if what you hear is true because not all of it is.”

“I know that much, Kagome, so what about you? Are you going to ask Inuyasha?”

“Yeah, I’m going to see if he wants to go see wants to go see a move this Saturday…because it’s Valentine’s Day and it should be great.”

“Oh, Kami, this Saturday is Valentine’s day. So looks like it will be a double date then.”

“That will be fine with me. I will have by best friend there.”

“So what do plan on wearing then?”

“I have not gotten that far yet, I was thinking you, me, and the mall after we unpack.”

“Good plan to me.”

With plans in mind the two girls got busy unpacking and putting away.

Time Skip to Saturday

Both Kagome and Sango had been so busy getting ready for the date that they had almost lost track of time.

“Kagome we need to finish up before they think we’re not going to ever come out.”

“Fine, now come on then,” Kagome agreed as she stepped out of the bathroom in a beautiful sweater that was just the right shade of pink and hugged her figure in the right places, followed up by a black knee length skirt with three hearts on the bottom that were pink and white that went well with the sweater she had on.

Sango looked Kagome over and gave a nod of approval of the outfit she had on.

“You also look great, Sango that rosy pink does a world of good for you, are you ready to go?”

“Yep, but what movie have you decided on?”

“I was thinking about Pitch perfect 2 but I’m not really sure we will see when we get there.”

The two girls walked into the sitting room where the boys were waiting.

“Finally you’re here, it took you long enough,” Inuyasha complained with a huff. Kagome gave a shy smile knowing it was Inuyasha’s brash way of being affectionate.

“We can leave now if you want; I know you want to see the newest movie that just came out.”

With that everyone headed out to the movies. Kagome was the most excited for she had just found out that the Fifty Shades of Gray movie had just been released the day before, she was so caught up in her own thoughts that she had not realized that Miroku was pulling up in to the theater parking lot.

Sango shook Kagome from her thoughts as the car pulled to a stop.

“Come on, oh and so you know I’m paying for the movie.”

“Yeah, yeah we know this. I want to go in.”

The group of four made their way to the to the ticket booth and bought the tickets before heading to get the popcorn, drinks and other snacks.

Kagome noticed his silver ears twitch as she picked up some of the food and looked over at him.

“Hey, Kagome I will catch up with you and the others in the movie.”

“Sure, don’t be long; the move starts in five minutes.”


Kagome shrugged and followed Sango and Miroku to get their seats.

“Kagome, you better hurry and go find Inuyasha. Fifty shades of Gray is about to start.”

“I will be back as soon as I find him, Sango” Kagome replied as she took off and headed back to the lobby to try to find Inuyasha.

“Kikyo, it been so long I was beginning to think I was never going to see you again” he said as he kissed her on the lips and pulled her close to his body as he wrapped his arms around her body in a loving embrace.

Kagome froze hearing Inuyasha voice as her brows creased in confusion as she moved closer to where she heard Inuyasha talking. Though the voice of the said female sounded very familiar to her but could not place who.

“Indeed, it has been a long time my love, how have things been? I hope you have kept your promise.”

“No, I have no reason to mess with any other woman you are the only one for me also the only people I have hung out with Sango, Miroku, and Kagome.”

“You have been hanging out with my cousin. Why in the world have you been hanging with her…I hope you have not tried to bed her cuz you know what that would mean”

“Hell, no that’s just wrong kiki Kagome is a sweet girl but I could never screw her. The only thing I see when I look at her is you. I swear you and she look like twins minus the eye color”

Kagome listened to the words fall from Inuyasha lips and with every word her heart broke. She did not even bother to hide the hurt from the world as she pulled out her movie ticket and began to rip it up as the pieces fell to the floor in a light pile as her heart broke.

He led me on letting believe I was the one he wanted I was just a replacement  for my cousin… how could he do this to me? I did everything I could to make him happy.  She thought as more tears flowed down her face staining it.

Kagome stood there for a bit longer listening to what was being said.

“I’m glad to hear that, Inu, that makes my Valentine’s Day.”

“That’s good to hear, Kikyo, but I got to go catch up with my friends, I promised them I would watch Fifty Shades of gray with them and is about to start.”

“Ok, Inu, I will see you after the movie then hopefully you can ditch them for the rest of the night.”

“I would love that you text me the place and I will meet you there..”

Kagome dropped the torn ticket and made her way to the exit not wanting to be around him or anyone, once out side she pulled out her cell then called a taxi to come pick her up. It only took a few minutes before the taxi arrived at the movies. Once she got inside she gave the driver the address of where she wanted to go before vanishing into the cold snowy valentine’s night.

Back at the movie

“Miroku, I wonder what taking Kagome so long she and Inuyasha should have been here by now I’m getting worried.”

“I understand Sango, but I don’t know where they are and the movie started twenty minutes ago.”

Sango turned to look at the monk when she spotted Inuyasha coming threw the door and waved a greeting towards him then stopped.

“Inuyasha, where is Kagome?”

“I don’t know I was with someone I had not seen in a long time so stopped to chat for a bit and lost track of time. I though she was here with you guys.”

“No, she left use saying she was going looking for you.”

InuYasha gulped silently when he realized something. on his way here he stepped on some paper as well as smelt a mixture of peaches and tears.

“umm I found her scent wondering all over the food stand” InuYasha said knoing he was not telling them every thing.

“That’s odd I will try to call her,” Sango dialed Kagome’s number before hitting send, after three rings a deep voice answers the phone.


Sango, Miroku and, Inuyasha froze as they looked at each other for a moment then back at the phone.

I own nothing in this story except the plot, I do not make money off of it Character and fifty shades of gray belong to the writers/ creators. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I will try to have more chapters ready to be posted.