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Dating the devil's child by FoxyKittyKatara

The Deal

Disclaimer: I do not own the Inuyasha franchise. Inuyasha is owned by Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Sunrise, and Viz Media. Please suport to official release. The character of Sesshoumaru is based off of the Sesshoumaru we know and love combined with the character of Rumple from Once Upon A Time.  I do not own Once Upon A Time. 

Chapter One: The Deal 

Kagome could see her life begin to flash before her eyes. She saw her childhood with her parents and the first time she met her little brother. Even the first date she went on and her first kiss. Twenty five years of experiences reeling through her mind like a home video. There was no pain. It was sudden and peaceful. She sat up and looked around. She could see her body next to her and it was like her world was placed on the pause button. She stood and looked around as she saw her home. The dining room wall was demolished and a minivan pulled in. The man and his passenger were passed out with nothing but a few minor scratches and scrapes. 

“Wait, what happened?” Kagome asked out loud. “I was just eating my breakfast and was going to get ready for work.” 

The moment began again and her brother Souta walked into the room. “Sis?” He said for a moment and then gasped before running to the phone and dialing 911. 

“I can’t be dead.” Kagome said to herself. “This is just a dream.” 

“Nope, it isn’t.” Said a man. 

“Who are you?” Kagome asked. 

“Sesshoumaru. Don’t worry, no one can see ether of us. Both of us are in spirit form. You because your dead and me because I make deals with the dead sometimes and my demonic ability to change form allows me to communicate with you in this form as if you were living.” Sesshoumaru was a very debonair sort of man. A tall man in a nice suit, polished leather shoes, a trench coat, and a cain in one hand. Even his hair was in perfect order with it pulled back. He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a card. Kagome glanced down at the card. 

“Sesshoumaru Taisho, demon specialty in making deals. What kind of deal are you planing to give me?” Kagome asked. 

“Very simple, you become my girl in exchange for your life. Now what will it be?” 

“Wait, what exactly is becoming ‘your girl’ specify?” Kagome asked. She heard the pitter patter of Souta’s small foot steps as he ran to the door. 

“My sister is in here along with the car and people who ran into our house.” About seven paramedics came in from an ambulance and another two police officers.

“Tick,tock, time’s running out dearie.” Sesshoumaru said. 

“I’m not going to be your sex slave or anything am I?” Kagome asked. 

Sesshoumaru laughed. “Goodness no! You wouldn’t be able to please me anyway.” Kagome wasn’t sure if she was to be insulted by the statement of relieved. “I just need someone at my beck and call. Now do we have a deal or don’t we?” He asked, extending out his large hand with the long claw like nails. She bit her lip pondering. “Cutting it close are we? I didn’t think you were ready to die.” 

Kagome turned to her body as she saw one of the paramedics shake his head before saying, “She’s gone. Call it!” 

“I can’t do anything after the ink is on paper. Your getting close.” Sesshoumaru said. 

Kagome took the large hand and shook it. The last thing she saw of the spirit world was looking up at his smile and then her human eyes fluttered open and she was looking at the ceiling. The paramedic looked at his watch and then at the piece of paper. He shook his head as he wrote down her information. A life shortened before it had even really had the chance to begin. Souta looked at her. Tears were in his eyes. “Wait, she’s alive. My sister’s alive!” The paramedic looked over at her and then walked over to check her pulse. 

“Let’s get her to the hospital now before we lose her again!” The paramedic barked at the others and soon as quickly as they had entered they left with Kagome on a stretcher. Two other stretchers were called in and the two others were put in ambulances as well. 

“Please.” Kagome said, as soft as a whisper. Her voice was so soft and weak that he had to lean in to hear her. “Bring my brother with. I’m the only family he has left.” The paramedic nodded and told Souta he could ride with his sister in the ambulance. 

Once the doors shut the paramedic kept an eye on her vitals. “Is there anyone we can call to pick the boy up?” He asked. 

Kagome paused a few moments like looking into a mental address book. “My friend and her husband Sango and Miroku.” 

“Would Miroku happen to be a paramedic and Sango happen to be a psychiatrist?” Kagome nodded. “Good thing this happened when it did. A few more hours and Miroku would be relieving me of my duty. I will contact them as soon as we get to the hospital.” 

Then the paramedic looked up his face drained of color. He pated her hand. “Miss Higurashi, you didn’t happen to make a deal with him did you.” He said, pointing to the other spot next to her. Kagome turned her head and she saw Sesshoumaru. He was looking at her with a small smile on his face. She nodded to the paramedic. “Miss Higurashi, my name is Inuyasha. I will make sure to keep you safe.” He said, placing a hand on her head before going back to his job. 


Kagome felt drained. Her life had been spared but only barely. She was still broken. In the past few hours after reaching the hospital she had been put under and was prepped for surgery. Her eyes fluttered open for a few moments to the doctor who was working hard to save her life and then at the nurses helping with the operation. In the corner looking at her was Sesshoumaru. She began to feel easy knowing he was there. She was so grateful to him to have saved her that she closed her eyes and went back to sleep with a smile on her face. Outside in the waiting room what little family she had and two friends were waiting for the outcome of the surgery. Inuyasha came in still in uniform to see how she was going. 

“How is she?” He asked. 

Sango had to cancel all her appointments for the day to rush down to the hospital and when she did she found a crying Souta who had been left all alone in the waiting room. The little boy clung to her because if Kaogme didn't make it Sango and Miroku would be the only people he would have left. She was still in her business suit and heels with her hair pulled back. “We haven’t heard anything yet.” Sango replied. 

“I’m not saying she will not make it through but if she doesn’t what will happen to him?” Inuyasha asked. He knew his brother was a huge deal maker and with Kagome on ether side Sesshoumaru could choose to let her die or fight with her through the procedure. It all depended on which he found better for him. If she was worth more to him dead than alive he would let her die. 

Miroku had rushed to get dressed on the way there. He was in such a hurry that he could only throw on jeans and a t-shirt. His hair was a mess. He had managed to call in work once he got to the hospital. “Well, Kagome’s father passed away just before Souta here was born. There grandfather died leaving them with very little. He had strung them along saying they were promised his home when he died but when he passed away it was a big surprise that her never changed his will and instead the house went to his daughter instead who wants nothing to do with Kagome’s family. The aunt is most likely the only relative she has. Kagome had moved out by then and purchased a house of her own because she was engaged. She offered for her mother and brother to move in. Mom said thanks, dropped him off in the morning, said she had errands to run and we never saw her again. Kagome’s fiancé didn’t like kids so broke up and moved out when Souta seemed to be her problem from then on. It’s just been Kagome and Souta ever since.” Miroku said.

“Is there any way she could be pregnant?” Inuyasha asked. He knew on a few occasions his brother made deals to take the unborn children of mothers. Several famous people were put through adoption to wealthy families this way. 

The two of them looked at each other and began to laugh. “Kagome is bi-sexual and I think right now she has been on the other side. Plus, if she gets with a guy she is super careful. I don’t think she has ever had a pregnancy scare before.” 

“So that’s a no.” Inuasha thought for a second. “So, what does she do for a living?” 

Sango looked at him perplexed. “Kagome is the girl I have been trying to get you to go out with for some time now. She just accepted an acting job that will rocket her career soon. Shooting starts in about six months or so. She also has a bit of a foot in the music industry too.” Sango began to cry. “If she doesn’t get out of here soon they will give her part to someone else. She will be so heart broken.” That was it! He was invested in her future! Inuyasha looked up and he could see the spirit of his older brother walking our of the operating room. There was a large smile on his face as he walked out of the hospital room doors and a nurse came out of the operating room to talk to him. If she was better dead or alive to him was about to be explained. 

Chapter End 

Writer’s note: I hope everyone enjoyed it. I found my USB for my other stories so I decided to upload this for my readers to read until I put the next chapter of “Passionate Kisses” on here. This has not been touched by my beta and i am going to try to keep her from it. She has a habit of trying to change details of my stories. Can't make any promises on my other ones. 


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