Music Stands the Test of Time by UnknownRandomness

The Demon Who Loves Me

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the songs that will be referenced in this piece of fiction.

A/N: I've started yet another challenge! (Addicted... totally addicted.) I will be attempting a 'perfect drabble' series, with semi-related chapters. I hope you enjoy, and please tell me what you think :)

Songs of the Decades Challenge

Prompt: The Man I Love - Marion Harris

Word Count: 100

"He'll look at me and smile... and in a little while he'll take my hand..."

Sesshoumaru watched the petite woman twirl around the clearing, clearly lost in her own world. The melody falling from her lips was foreign to him, yet carried a certain charm. The lyrics weren't particularly brilliant nor did she sing particularly well, but neither stopped him from stepping forward to join her.

Kagome turned and almost collided with his chest, only just managing to stop her movement.

"Sesshoumaru! What are you doing here?"

Smirking, he replied, "Listening to you, miko."

Her rosy blush was quite attractive.