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Days of Our Lives by InumeT_FlyGirl

You Lucky Dog

Disclaimer: I do not own or earn profit from InuYasha. I own nothin but the story.

Chapter 1: You lucky Dog you..

Everyone has something that they fear. Everyone.

For Kagome Higurashi that fear was simply Friday the 13th.

One would think that with her being a miko that the fear of this silly superstitious day would be inferior compared to all of the real life ghouls and demons she's encountered in her line of expertise; however that was not the case.

“Miko what do you think you are doing to This Sesshoumaru’s person?”

Sesshoumaru lifted a perfectly arched eyebrow at his new mate, as she began to place some sort of “U”-shaped metal in the pocket of his hakama. She had been acting a little more strangely than usual today but he couldn't exactly say he knew the cause of such. Ever since she had awoken this morning she had been restless, and scent was clouded with anxiety, fear, and nervousness.

“I’m helping you have good luck!” She smiled brightly at her mate “Its a horseshoe, something that most people in my time place of the hooves of horses for protection against hard surfaces” She said as she grabbed her own horse shoe and placed it on the belt loop of her khaki pants. Smiling to herself when it fit in perfectly before moving over to her yellow pack again.

Sesshoumaru watched his little miko dig into her bag with a slight frown, “Do tell Mate. How is this “Horse shoe” Supposed to help This Sesshoumaru maintain good luck? Why would we be in need of good luck anyway? Do you feel threatened?” He couldn’t stop the growl that ripped out of his throat when he thought of his little miko feeling threatened and in his presence too! He would spill the blood of whoever caused her fear.

Kagome bit her lip and looked up at her mate. His eyes were trained on hers, and she was immediately captivated by the golden irises she almost forgot what he had said. Was it possible that after three years to still be as wonderstruck as she was back then?


Did she also mentioned she loved when he said her name?

“Ano, no Sessho-kun. You see I’m just very cautious of Friday the 13th”

Sesshoumaru immediately growled, “Who is this Friday the 13th and where can I find him?” his eyes flashed red at the mere thought of his mate feeling uncomfortable. Friday the 13th will pay. His eyes flickered back to its original gold when he heard the familiar sound of his mates laughter.  He looked at her as she threw her head back and emitted such a beautiful laughter as she held her stomach with her tiny hands. If he were not in such a rage for someone intimidating his mate he would have smiled at the sight. In which case he was very confused by her laughter. What did she think was funny?

“Is there something amusing about my mate being threatened?”

Kagome sobered up quickly, smiling widely at her mate and swung her pack on her back, “Silly Sessho-kun. I am laughing because Friday the 13th is not a physical being at all. It’s just a day that people in my time consider to be an unlucky.”

Sesshoumaru lifted his brow once more, before scoffing in an un-Sesshomaru like manner, “ And who came up with the concept of Friday the 13th?”

Kagome froze, “Ano, I don’t really know. There are many incidents that had happened before on the 13th, although. Also there is the Christian belief that 13 is an unlucky number because the 13th Disciple Judas was the one who betrayed Jesus. Or at least i think that’s what happened…”

“Silly humans and their superstitions. Be that as it may lets say that this “day” is in fact unlucky. Why would humans do asinine things such as carry around horse shoes protect them against such unlucky-ness?”

“Uhm-well. Not only do we carry horseshoes but we stay away from black cats, try not to break glass, walk under ladders, or spill salt! Its just something we have all become accustomed to”

Sesshoumaru wasnt sure what a ladder was or why something as triial as salt being spilled would cause such "Bad luck" but he was undetered in his determination to rid his mate of the fear. “And in order to stay "lucky" You perfom such ridiculous task? Why?”

Kagome kicked her foot against the dirt and looked down, “I guess I just dont want to have bad luck is all. I’ve been doing so well..”

Sesshoumaru moved to stand in front of his petite mate and hooked his finger under chin to make her look at him “Mate you should not fear this day every again”

Kagome looked up and frowned, “Why not?”

Sesshoumaru smirked and moved so close that he was a breath away from his mate. He inhaled her scent deeply as he stared into her deep blue eyes, the smirk on his face getting wider as he heard her heartbeat increase and her breath catch in her throat, placing his lips against her ear he whispered,  

“One could not get any luckier than to be the mate of This Sesshoumaru”


I know its late but i just remembered it was the 13th! Friday the 13th! Hopefully everyone is safe. Dont go near that cat!



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