Prison Love by LibraCourt

Prison Seduction

                                                                   Prison Seduction

“Get off me!” she shouted, “let me go! Someone HELP!”

“Shut up girl” ordered the man that held her as he covered her mouth and dragged her to the awaiting van “just think, you’ll be doing a public service.”

The minute the man released her mouth she screamed before being shoved into a patty wagon van that already and 10 girls also crying and screaming to get out, wondering what was going on. She watched as the cops shut the door and let tears escape. Why on earth had she listened to her friends?

They had been bugging her to join them for a girl’s night out, but she was so busy with work that she had had no time. By the time she did have days off she was too tired to go out. They had been a little more persistent this evening, using the fact that a friend was getting married, and she eventually agreed to go out. It was her first night out in months since starting this new job and all of her friends had ended up bringing dates. She had thought this was to be a girls night out and so she had been upset now that she was the only one without a date. To make the evening worse her friends spent the night chatting with their dates and ignoring her. Going out had seemed pointless. She rarely saw her friends and on a supposed first night out they brought dates and had barely spoken two words to her. Finding it pointless to stick around she had just left them without a word and started to walk home.

She now regretted that choice to walk home alone. It was the starting of youkai breeding season and now was the time when cops would grab any young women that were left unaccompanied after dark. The women would then be sacrificed to youkai prisoners to be raped and in the end most certainly killed. During the breeding seasons males become stronger so they can dominate their females and they would also lose their senses and think only of breeding.

Of course in the past youkai prisoners didn’t get the chance to breed so they were incredibly strong and could easily break out of prisons. To stop this from happening the cops started taking women to please the prisoners during the breeding season, thus stopping escape.

She looked at the other girls that would be used to keep the youkai males sedated so they couldn’t escape. They were all human like her and none of them would survive. Even if they managed to survive the breeding season they would be killed to insure no babies are born from those criminals.  These girls would simply vanish and never be seen from again. During breeding season there was always an increased number of missing persons, which this right now, was the main reason.

The van stopping and the door opening brought her from her dark thoughts. A cop looked at them “we’re here, come out one at a time.”

One by one they were unloaded, some having to be dragged from the vehicle and brought to a small room. There they were stripped of their clothes and photos were taken along with their information. All of it would be used so when their families made a missing person report the cops could tell the families they were dead due to the breeding season months or years later down the road. The thought made her shudder, as they were then lead to a holding room.

“You ladies will be kept here until your needed,” one cop laughed before leaving.

It was about a week before the girls that had been gathered started being taken out one by one as the males began to become strong and aggressive as their heat became stronger. She nervously waited for her turn to die. There was no point in tying to escape for it would only lead to the end of her life quicker. Still her only hope is she survived by not being picked out and being released after the season was over.

The cop walked over glancing at each girl before stopping in front of her “girl, come with me.”

Well…that hope got dashed quickly. Shaking with fear she followed the cop out and down the hall. They entered a room where the cells were and she grew increasingly nervous. Prisoners made cat calls and sexual gestures as she walked by. She wished she could have something to cover herself until she reached her death, but unfortunately she, along with the other girls, had been left naked. She moved closer to the cop when she saw blood in some of the cells where a happily sedated criminal was. Poor girls, they had gotten torn apart during the sexual act.

“In here,” he said as he guided her into a separate room “since you seem like a clean and proper girl maybe you’ll last longer than the other 4 did.”

She glanced at the cop.

He chuckled “this prisoner claims he’s lord of the west and that the 10 monks he killed were trespassing on his property and threatening his life. We’re still looking into his claim, but until then you’ll just have to satisfy him…unless he kills you first.”

She paled and felt ready to pass out. She didn’t notice anything as she was thrown into the cell. The cop locked the door and left, laughing the whole time.

A growl caught her attention “I told them to keep you tramps out of here.”

Turning her head she saw the youkai she was about to become a victim to and her shaking increased as he continued to stare at her from his place upon the cot “believe me I don’t want to be here either,” she noticed his eyes were red, but he wasn’t a mindless beast. He also had long silver hair and a handsome looking face. Well if she was going to lose her life at least it will be to a hot looking youkai.

“Why are you here then?” he asked, sounding annoyed.

“I was taken against my will,” she replied.

He growled, “to be used to please criminals?”

“Yes,” she answered with a nod.

His eyes narrowed “do you volunteer to do this?”

“No,” she shook her head adamantly “I was taken off the streets on my way home.”

“When did the law decide to pluck innocent women from the streets to please criminals?”

She frowned and shrugged “I’m not exactly sure. I only know so much because my father was a cop. He left soon after he learned what was happening. But it’s definitely been happening since before I was born my father was sure of that.”

“This is the first I’ve learned of this, why has it not been spoken about?” he growled.

“The cops threaten anyone who wants to tell,” she explained “with my dad, as with most cops that leave, they threaten to kill their family. It keeps the cops who leave quiet.”

He gave a nod “do you know what happens to you after?”

“If we don’t get killed by the males…” she took a deep breath “the cops will kill us after to ensure there’s no offspring.”

He stood up, making her jump “cops killing the very people they are to protect.”

“Defying the cops only gets us killed faster,” she stated.

He gave a nod as he sat back down on his cot “tell me, what is your name and what do you do?”

She was a little shocked he wanted to know more about her. He hadn’t made any move to take her yet and she was standing in his cell, naked. Nervously she replied, “my name is Kagome I work at Taisho Corporation as an promotions designer.”

He raised an eyebrow “and what were you doing when you got captured?”

“I was out with some friends,” she answered “it was suppose to be a girls night, but they ended up bringing dates and spending time with them so I left.”

“Tell me, have you ever been with a male before?” he questioned.

She blushed “I gave myself to a man I was very close to and claimed to love me, but then after 3 months he left without a word to me.”

“Human or youkai?”

“Human,” she replied “and a jerk on top of it.”

With a hint of a smirk he gave a nod “do you fear me?”

Without any hesitation she nodded “yes.”

“Come here,” he ordered.

Cautiously she approached him and watched as he untied his prison pants and let out his erection “to be honest I thought I was going to be jumped.”

His hands went and grasped her hips “unlike the mindless primitives they have here I have complete control over my instincts” he pulled her closer.

“So then we don’t have to do this?” she wondered hopefully as she placed her hands on his shoulders to steady herself.

“It has been a long while since I rutted” he pulled her down till she was seated on his erection “and I am in heat. You are honest and smell cleaner than any female I’ve met so I will use this opportunity.”

Kagome gasped when he gave the first thrust of his hips. It had been awhile for her too since she had been with anyone. So far he had been respectful towards her and she gave a breathy “okay,” and moaned as he put a bit more force in his next thrust.

The youkai wrapped one of his arms completely around her waist and used his strength to pick her up and slam her down on his hard cock. Hearing her cry out, he did it again. Repeating himself a few times he growled when he felt it wasn’t enough. He lifted her off and made her go on her hands and knees on the cot while he stood up, positioning himself behind her. Grasping his member he quickly sheathed it back into her warmth and grabbing her hips once again he started to rock into her body with more enthusiasm. He listened as her panting breaths grew closer together and her moans grew louder.  Holding her hips a little harder he gave quick and hard thrusts as he felt his end nearing.

After a few more minutes he heard her gave a particularly loud cry and knew she had reached her end. He growled as he gave a few very hard thrusts before he released his seed within her with a grunt.

Taking a few minutes to calm themselves, he then pulled out of her and allowed moved themselves to lay on the cot comfortably. Resting, he moved the blanket over top of them “rest, you are no good to me ill.”

“Mmm hmm” she mumbled, tired “I never asked, what’s your name?”



Kagome was startled awake by the sound of the cell being opened and cracked an eye open. Momentarily she forgot what was going on before last night flashed before her, making her blush. Sesshoumaru had awoken through the night and had taken her again. She nearly jumped when she heard the male behind her growl.


Another man’s voice chuckled “yeah sure” before adding sarcastically “my lord,” and left.

Sesshoumaru growled before he sat up “breakfast has been brought to us.”

She lifted her head to see it on the floor “I make a point to never eat food off the floor, besides I heard prison food tasted gross.”

“Hnn” he said “that is something we can agree on.”

Rolling over, she looked at him “how long have you been in here?”

“2 Days” he replied.

“They were saying how you were claiming to be lord of the west and how you killed some monks that were on your property,” she stated, but more than anything wanted to understand.

“Correct” he spoke with narrowed eyes as he remembered.

She frowned “but if it’s your property how come they can’t figure out that you are who you say you are?”

“These cops are foolish imbeciles,” his voice sounding angry. He then looked at her “do you doubt my claim?”

“I barely know you” she started “but from what I’ve seen there is no reason to doubt what you say.”

He gave a nod as he got her to lie on her back and moved over her. He looked at her a moment before leaning down and capturing her lips with his. Indulging in this pleasure for a few minutes he then used one of his legs to spread hers apart.

Kagome groaned as she felt him enter her once again. She could feel him as he began a series of strong thrusts, holding her chest down and giving him ultimate control. She couldn’t help, but feel, she had been far luckier than any girl brought into the prison. Nearly all prisoners during breeding season wouldn’t hesitate to kill the girl they were busy fucking, but she had been lucky. She got a male who was in control of his instincts and had been nothing short of a gentleman. Well, as good as one could be. She was sure that if they had met under different circumstances he would show how much of a lord he was.  A hard thrust made her gasp and she gripped his sides. He was definitely a powerful male and he was continuously proving it with every thrust he did. Moving her head she moved to kiss the side of his neck and gave it a small nip, startled when he suddenly growled and became more aggressive as he pounded into her.

Sesshoumaru began to pound into her tight body without restraint, surprised by how much she could handle. He had met many females, but none like the one that was moaning under him. She had looks, maturity and so far had shown she didn’t seem to care for his title. She was what he had been looking for every breeding season. His release was quickly approaching and his instincts were starting to yell at him. He lowered his head and to nuzzle between her neck and shoulders, giving a rough bite as he released his seed once more into her body. After a few moments when they calmed he removed himself from her.

For most of the day they had nothing, but time to talk and get to know each other, plus occasionally breaking for sex. Kagome came to understand that Sesshoumaru wasn’t much of a talker, but when he said something he meant it. He had a half brother that he did not get along with and so he only saw him during mandatory family events. Sesshoumaru learned that Kagome lived on a shrine with her mother, grandfather and little brother.

Their conversation was interrupted when a cop came running into the room carrying a bag. Without a word he hurried to unlock the door before throwing in the bag and running back out of the room. Kagome watched the whole thing with great curiosity before looking to the taiyoukai “what was that about?”

Sesshoumaru stood, nude, and walked over to the bag “it appears those fools have found out the truth of who I am,” and he began to dress into his business suit.

She glanced and around and wasn’t in total shock to realize they didn’t leave her any clothes. She blinked when she was handed his prison shirt, which was long enough to cover a little ways past her butt. She put it on “thank you.”

Suddenly the door was opened again and a youkai with silver hair and red eyes came into the room with a hurried look “Sesshoumaru, I have been looking for you everywhere!”

“Father,” he greeted with a nod.

“Don’t you father me!” he yelled “I come back from a business trip to learn you’ve disappeared and no one could find you and to top it off Rin has been worried sick about you.”

Kagome tensed as she remained on the cot, sitting and watching. Was he married? He failed to mention that.

“Jaken is there to watch her.”

“We’ll discuss this later” his father sighed “let’s just get out of here”

A cop then entered; nervously he passed the two youkai and grabbed the girl’s arm “let’s go girl” he ordered as he squeezed her arm.

“Ow!” she cried, “let go, you’re hurting me”

“Shut up” he huffed.

Sesshoumaru growled and grabbed the cop’s shoulders as he exited the cell “release her.”

Kagome rubbed her arm the second the cop let go “thank you.”

“Come with me,” he stated to her “we have much work to do.”

“Son?” his father wondered. What was going on?

The cop looked nervous before saying “I’m sorry my lord, but she is to stay here.”

Sesshoumaru looked at him as he pulled the girl close to her “no, she will be coming with me. I will not leave a woman who is to carry my child to her death.”

The elder male looked at this female his son claimed to have been intimately with “son, explain now.”

“Later, it will take time to explain” he stated “for now let us leave.”

“Give me a summery,” the male ordered.

Sesshoumaru gave a nod “she is one of your employees. Last night she was taken from the streets by the cops to be used to sedate youkai criminal lust. Seems this has been going on for a period of time,” he growled at the cop that was still standing “go retrieve her things.”

The cop nodded and ran off while Taisho stared at the girl in shock. Apparently she didn’t know he was the owner of Taisho Corporation because she stared at him equally shocked. She worked for him? And all this stuff with the cops had been going on for a long while. He then smiled gently. This girl had been through quite an event and it would have been worse if she had been placed with a real criminal and not his son. He placed a hand on her shoulder “what is your name?”

“Kagome Higurashi” she answered.

 Taisho gave a nod “I’ve heard some good things about you from my secretary Kaede. I was actually planning on setting up a meeting within the month to see if you could take her place when she retires.”

She blushed “oh, uum thank you.”

“Let’s get out of here,” he said “we can discuss this later.”

Sesshoumaru gave a nod and as they went to the doors a cop came with the clothes she had worn the night before. She was shown to a room where she changed before rejoining the two youkai.  Reclaiming her purse and cellphone she followed the males out of the prison and breathed in a sigh of relief to be out of that place. She was nervous when a limo pulled up and the three got in. During the drive Taisho learned in better detail what happened in the prison and was appalled by what he learned.

“This will be ended immediately,” Taisho growled as he pulled out his phone and dialed a number.

Kagome watched as Taisho began to talk on the phone before glancing at the male beside her “uum, can I ask you something?” she wondered quietly.

He gave a nod.

“What did you mean when you told that cop I’d be carrying your child?”

“We have rutted during breeding season,” he stated as he turned his red gaze at her “you will conceive unless your body is unable to produce to offspring.”

She took a deep breath “oh” now she had to ask her next question “is Rin your wife.”

He leaned in close to her “she is not,” he then stole her lips. His hand went to her thigh where he began to message her thigh and growled when she pulled away.

“Then who is Rin?” she asked, confused.

“A human child that I care for.”

Taisho hung up his phone and looked at his son with a smirk. Never had he seen his son so enthralled with a female before and he knew it was not because he was in heat. He could see the girl wasn’t sure how to deal with the touchy youkai and he chuckled quietly at her “do not worry dear, his heat won’t last much longer.”

True to their word, Sesshoumaru and Taisho made many calls to government officials and they had been surprised to learn that the government had no idea what had been happening inside the prison. Turned out that the chief of police and a few higher up officers and been keeping the prison breeding a secret. All of the cops that were behind the scandal were thrown into the prison cells for the kidnapping and murder of innocent women. The loved ones of the innocent women killed were told the truth and were given consolation money taken from the corrupted cops salaries. After all that was done the government worked Taisho and his company to work on finding a way to deal with the youkai prisoners during the breeding season. In the end it was Kagome who came up with an idea since she came from a shrine. She suggested that they have monks seal the youkai prisoners powers up during the duration of their sentence, after all, that would be a true punishment for a youkai and they wouldn’t have the powers to break free. The government agreed and felt it was a great idea and put the plan into action. For the youkai that seemed harder to control and their powers difficult to seal they were given a free vasectomy, which made them unable to breed and thus they never went into heat.

Soon after his release from the prison Sesshoumaru bought out said prison including the police force. He treated them as soldiers and put up with no nonsense. Sensing lies he quickly weeded out the weak and the unworthy. Since the female population had become afraid of police over the years the taiyoukai had hired female officers and they were to be called in dealing with any situation involving women, especially human females. Over the next year with the western lord’s help the police had managed to gain some of the trust back that had been lost, but it would still be a long while before they were seen as the good guys once again. In the prison, when breeding season came around again, Sesshoumaru was there to watch and take action should the seals the monk used failed. Much to his pleasure it was a success and the youkai prisoners were left powerless and unable to break out.

“Sesshoumaru” Taisho spoke as he entered his son’s office with a smile “you have a visitor.”

Looking up from his paper work the taiyoukai smirked as he watched the dark haired woman enter the room with a small bundle in her arms and a take out bag “to what do I owe this pleasure.”

She smiled at him “well we just finished our check up and was in the neighborhood when we realized it was lunch time so we figured we would stop by and have something to eat.”

Standing up he walked over and removed the blanket to reveal his son “how did it go?”

“Doctor said he’s healthy and at a good weight,” she replied as she allowed the youkai to take the infant.

After seeing his son smile and coo at him he looked at the woman “and what did the doctor say about you.”

“My iron is low and he gave me some iron pills,” she smiled “other than that I’m healthy as can be.”

Seeming forgotten Taisho chuckled “well I’m happy to hear you two are healthy, but sadly I must get back to work,” he gave the woman a quick peck on the forehead “hurry and come back Kagome, everyone at the office misses you.”

Sesshoumaru growled, “we have discussed this father, she will not be returning to work. I will not allow some stranger to care for my son, his mother will do it.”

The elder male was about to argue, but movement caught his eye. Kagome touched his son’s arm and turned to smile and wink at him. He could see the twinkle in her eyes and knew she would get his son to let her come back to work for him. A year ago he never thought he would see his son, who wasn’t fond of humans, take a human female and have a child so willingly. The woman’s mother had been grateful when they had brought her home and ecstatic to hear that she was to soon be a grandma. Shortly after that Kagome moved in with his son and the two were happily living together. Curious, he had confronted his son wondering why he was so accepting of the whole thing.

Sesshoumaru had confessed that the women that had been tossed in his cell had been hookers and reeked of disease and men so he had killed them when they had approached him so eagerly, ignoring his warning not to come near him. However then Kagome had been tossed into his cell. He had at first thought she was just like the others tossed into his cell…that was until he noticed she was afraid. It was then he had learned everything that was going on. Still even with his control he couldn’t deny his heat so he had taken her. During their time spent together he found she was intelligent and they had much in common. Knowing she would conceive his child he had not felt right leaving her, a smart innocent woman, to be killed by corrupted cops. It was a choice he made and one he did not regret. He now had a worthy woman and a healthy and strong son.

“You are going to be home on time tonight, right?” Kagome asked, unknowingly bringing Taisho from his trips down memory lane “my mother is coming for dinner tonight.”

Hanging his son back to the woman he gave a nod “I shall be home by 6 this evening,” he gave her a kiss.

Taisho took the take out back from her “why don’t you three go out for lunch and I’m going to take this meal into my office,” he watched his son nod and grab his coat “I’ll see you all tonight at dinner,” he added as he watched them leave. He gave a small chuckle and the oblivious female left. Tonight was not just a simple dinner like she was thinking it was going to be. His son had confided that he intended on proposing this night in front of both of their families.

Eyeing the take out he returned to his office with a large grin on his face. He had once thought his son would never settle down with anyone, but now he was a grandfather and he would soon be having a daughter to his family. He couldn’t be happier.

                                                The End

Author Note: I hope everyone enjoyed. I put this story up just to show I haven't disappeared. I am working on my other stories. I've had a lot of delays. But know this, when I do start putting the chapters up the stories will be complete.

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