The Heroic and Super-Duper Trials of a Girl and a Demon by UnknownRandomness


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A/N: Hello! This is my first ever drabble fic, and it is my first prompt driven fic too! So please be nice when harshly critiquing it. I hope you all enjoy it- especially you Sunset Miko (I love your fics!)   

Sunset Miko's Once a Week Challenge

Prompt: Thorn (Week 3)

Word count: 407

"Stay still!"

"But it hurts!"

Kagome glanced at her wailing companion. Honestly, you wouldn't think that the kappa was an experienced traveller with the way he was shrieking. 

"Jaken, it's just a thorn, not a spike- you're not going to lose the foot. Now hold still so I can remove it and disinfect the hole."

With plenty of exaggerated grumbling and glaring, Jaken did as he was bid. The young woman proceeded to prise out the small intruder with a pair of tweezers, trying not to grimace at all the debris caught in between Jaken's... toes.

Kagome had started travelling with Sesshoumaru a few days ago- she had felt lost and incomplete after Naraku was defeated and the jewel wished out of existence. Her friends had all gone their separate ways; Miroku and Sango had married and gone back to the slayer village with Kohaku, and Inuyasha settled down near Kaede with Kikyo.

Kagome smiled, glad that her hanyou friend had finally made the right choice and could begin the happy life he deserved.

"Kagome, look, LOOK!" Glancing around, the miko was bemused at the sight of Shippo attempting to pick up Ah-Un in his bubble form, with Rin straining to lift the saddlebags off the dragon's back. Blinking at the odd picture, Kagome wasn't paying attention to her actions, and accidentally stabbed Jaken's tender flesh with the tweezers...


Sesshoumaru breathed in deeply, enjoying his stroll away from the hectic group he travelled with. He wasn't entirely sure why he allowed the miko and kit to join him, but he supposed it was out of a grudging respect for them; they had proven their worth against Naraku and were useful allies.

Just as he was about to turn and begin walking back, a piercing high-pitched scream rent through the calm forest atmosphere. Eyes widening in alarm, the youkai sprinted back to camp, worried for his young ward. He made record time, arriving mere seconds after he heard the cry. The sight that greeted him was very different to his expectation of carnage and death.

Shippo had turned bright red from over-exertion and was being licked in abundance by Ah and Un, Rin was laughing herself silly; somehow trapped under the saddlebags adorning the ground, whilst Jaken shouted at a prostrate Kagome who was apologizing profusely for... stabbing him? 

Sesshoumaru resisted the urge to slap his forehead. Idiots. He was surrounded by idiots.

'They are all thorns in my side.'