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Unintended by Clio

Bath Time

A/N: This was written for iyfic_contest on LiveJournal. It won joint second for the prompt Phenomenon. Thanks for all the votes!

Disclaimer: All canon characters found within belong to one, Rumiko Takahashi. I make no money from this fanfic.

Word Count: 1024

Original Pub Date: May 15, 2012 (iyfic_contest)


Kagome was used to natural phenomena. Shoot, she was used to unnatural phenomena. After all, she’d been living the better part of a year out in the woods, surrounded by creatures which didn’t, supposedly, exist. However, after one has been inside a large, angry youkai, one begins to realize how little the textbooks actually know.

And so it was that she once again found herself looking up into the looming face and gaping maw of yet another perturbed demon. She had no idea what kind it was, or even if it was male or female. All she knew for sure was that it had large, pointy teeth. All the better to eat you with, my dear. And now she was mentally quoting childrens stories...wonderful.

As it lunged towards her, she brought up the arrow and shot directly into it. Letting out a howl of agony, the thing began to purify in bits and pieces. Such a mess.

Standing back up, she stiffened as she felt a familiar presence strutting in her direction. And that is exactly what he was usually doing...strutting. He was so proud it set her teeth on edge. But, then again, he was used to being the best. He was used to being the strongest. He was used to getting his way. However, seeing that she’d been interrupted on her way to the hot springs, where she knew a nice, hot bath awaited her, she was in no mood to kowtow to his ideas of himself.

Crossing her arms tightly over her chest, bow hanging across her back, she waited. Impatiently. If she was lucky, he’d just keep right on going. If she wasn’t...then she’d have to hope he wasn’t in a talkative mood. Snorting a little at her own joke, she watched as the familiar, white-clad form came into view through the trees.

He paused on the edge of the clearing, one silver eyebrow arching higher as he took in her stance. She was prepared for battle, but not the kind he was used to winning. “Miko,” he began, only to be cut off by her quick tongue.

“Look, Sesshomaru, I’m not in the mood to cater to your god-complex right now. I want a bath. I’ve wanted a bath for two days. Why is that every time I head off to have some me time and clean up, I end up meeting every youkai who lives in this corner of Japan?” Her eye was beginning to tick. If the dog demon before her had been wearing his brother’s beads of subjugation, he probably would have been sitting in a hole. As it was, she wasn’t so lucky.

She was reminded of this fact when he growled low in his throat before advancing on her in quick strides. “Miko,” he said again, his voice deeper now, “You dare speak in such a tone to this Sesshomaru?”

“I dare a whole lot right now, bub, so go away and let me have my me time.” Kagome got cranky when she was dirty. And after the last few days, dirty didn’t even begin to describe what her skin felt like.

“It is not safe for you to be wandering by yourself, this Sesshomaru is sure you are aware.” Golden eyes glinted at her harshly.

“I think I just proved that I can take care of myself when I have to, Sesshomaru.” She wasn’t giving up her alone time, no matter how close they were to Naraku.

“And yet, if you were confronted by the spider hanyou or one of his spawn, you would become useless to us.” He was still growling.

So was she, “I’m sure that you could sense them before they got here. And I want my bath!” The last bit she wailed, stomping her foot.

“This Sesshomaru is taking you back to camp, human. He will not allow you to ruin the upcoming battle.”

Kagome’s eyebrows shot up into her hairline before the expressive blue eyes beneath them took on a slightly inhuman glow. “You touch me, and you’ll have to fight without either arm...”

“Hnn,” was all he said, taking hold of her shoulder in his claw tipped hand.

She couldn’t say later if it was the sound or the touch, but something inside her snapped, either way. Allowing a burst of her purifying power to shoot up his arm, she watched in satisfaction as he was forced to release her.

However, her glee was short-lived as red began to seep into his eyes and a snarl twisted his lips. Taking a step backwards, she watched in apprehension as his face began to elongate into a muzzle. Realizing how close they were to a full out battle all their own, she made a hasty decision. While she still wanted her bath, she wanted them both alive more. After all, no use in helping Naraku out any more than they already had.

Taking a quick breath, she darted forward and grabbed the inuyoukai by his collar. Driving one hand into his silver hair, she dragged his face towards her own. Risking a bite, she pressed a kiss under his chin. She’d seen wolves do that, and she was seriously hoping it would work on dogs, too.

His reaction startled her a little, but at least he didn’t go for her jugular. As quickly as his transformation had begun, it was gone. She was left looking up into the openly shocked face of the Killing Perfection himself. He shook his head, as though to clear it.

However, before he could whisk her away back to camp, she said, “I just want a bath...Please! I hate feeling filthy!”

Blinking down at her, obviously still a little confused, he pointed in the direction of the springs and said gruffly, “Go. Be quick. This Sesshomaru shall wait here.”

Hurrying away, Kagome glanced over her shoulder once and saw him running his hand through his hair. Smiling to herself, she made a mental note to follow her instincts more often. After all, he might not have beads of subjugation, but that didn’t mean he was the only one in control.


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