Alpha by Lyra


Drabble Collection: Alpha


Prompt From The Greek Challenge:


Kagome no longer traveled through time.

The commitment she had made by staying in the past was not lost on Inuyasha; he knew, though she said nothing, that she stayed for him.

But despite open feelings, Inuyasha still showed one reluctance that Kagome could not understand. He seemed, not unwilling, but afraid to touch her. Confused, she hesitated, questioned Sango about the mating customs of youkai. What little she knew was no help. Finally, frustrated with caresses that flushed her with heat but went nowhere, Kagome made a choice - disregarded embarrassment, prepared for seduction.

She had waited long enough already.


A/N: Editing! Complete! Anyone who’s read this before might recognize that this used to be Chapter 2 – it is now Chapter 1 on purpose. This, I think, was a better beginning; more reorganization may continue as I go along with the editing, but mostly I’m on the hunt for spelling errors! [HUNT]

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